Fellow Digital Patriots,

Do you see it? We are the news now. The way war looks has evolved. The MSM underestimated the power of the individuals. We all have super computers with cameras in our pockets. We are growing in numbers.
They can't keep up. They were late to the party. Now they're retaliating like children by trying to censor the truth while pushing out stories that were fabricated at the roundtable in an office. This is their war tactic. Unless they control the narrative, they panic.
We've seen our great President, @realDonaldTrump use himself as the wrench in their gears that causes their entire machine to collapse. His years of experience in television – knowing how to draw a crowd and get good ratings – have been part of his kryptonite against the MSM.
He's also simultaneously communicated with We the People and gotten the ball rolling on people waking up to what is going on politically – governmentally – globally. That ball is still rolling. It's doubled, tripled, quadrupled in size and continues to grow, grow, and grow.
Whether someone agrees with #Qanon or not, it is undeniable to see that we really are the news now. There's no need to go to these cable news junkies who tell us a story not THE story when a fellow patriot has direct access to the same incidents but can show the raw facts.
Don't underestimate the power in the people. Be vigilant. I repeat, the MSM was late to the party and didn't take us seriously and now they're in panic trying to play catch-up.

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