Women migrants are the ones struggling at the front line & yet they have been invisiblised in the stories & narratives that have come out,& in state & civil society response.

Please share links to reports/stories, if any, focussing on women & the gendered impact on Migrants.
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Blog by SWATI documenting stories of women during covid19 https://twitter.com/nipunikasignora/status/1263100680455086080?s=19
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@BehanBox We have been looking at gendered impacts. More to come from across India in the coming days. For now check this out
https://www.behanbox.com/category/gender-and-covid-19/ https://twitter.com/bhanupriya_rao/status/1263154555052834817?s=19
7/n Mausumi Chetia writes about issues faced by women of intra-state daily-wage working #RuralFamilies of #Assam who are are #disasterdisplaced; yet fighting #Covid_19 & impacts of its policy measures here @ISS_Blog #ClassDivides #IDPs #IndiaLockdown https://twitter.com/zenithc11/status/1263172942583795712?s=19
The most vulnerable are women who suffer from multiple disadvantages — as women, as poor, informal workers and as members of the socially disadvantaged castes and communities that predominate the informal se
9/n. Contributor @NationalFedera4 https://twitter.com/NationalFedera4/status/1263540306391085056?s=19
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