This used to be the worlds smallest RFID micro chip measuring just 0.3mm x 0.3mm. Small enough to go almost undetected in say a vaccine.

All it would take is a reason to implement a Global Vaccine program such as a virus or pandemic, a computer genius say someone like..........
Bill Gates with an interest in computing & vaccinations, a corrupt Dr at say the CDC like Dr Fauci, a 5G Network like the chinese company Hauwei & hey presto just like that you have every citizen on the earth bagged, tagged & traceable. Heres the new smaller RFID Tag aint it cute
With this RFID chip, all of ur money, information, medical history, EVERYTHING will be programmed into this chip. No more Social Security Cards, Birth Certs, ID Cards/Driver's Licenses, credit/debit cards, bank accounts or ANYTHING & who will have access & control to all this?
In Sweden 1000s of idiots have volunteered to try out this tech, unbeknownst to them they are not testing this technology to see if it works, those behind it already know it does but they are being studied for their behavioural & psychological reation to it for future upgrades
The scary part is just how easy it is to implement, with or without our knowledge under the guise of a fake pandemic like CV19 & mandatorily so. Perhaps whats more scary is what they plan to do from there on in with this new power & control. Gods in their own right....
ID2020 - A Bill Gates and Rockerfella Initiative to Digitally Tag the entire Human Race.

Conspiracy? Check out their website and you decide 
Just how did they manage to get the Tech & Apps developed,
Systems & Satellites in place & all the propaganda materials printed & designed for CONTACT TRACING in such a short space of time? 🤔

#plandemic #scamdemic #demdemic
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