Throughly researched article on the Kinderhook Plates hoax. Authors concede Joseph Smith attempted a translation and got it wrong. I don’t find their apologetic convincing that JS’s effort was only “an attempt at traditional translation”
Barry Fell, President of the Epigraph Society, teased out an April Fool’s message in the Kinderhook plates.
Up through at least 1962, LDS apologetics fell on the side that the Kinderhook plates were genuine. Improvement Era article (Sep 1962) from Welby W. Ricks, then President of the University Archeological Society at Brigham Young University:
In the Aug 1981 Ensign Stanley Kimball conclusively shows the Kinderhook Plates were a 19th century creation. A hoax. He then introduced the apologetic that Joseph Smith never translated the plates. That take is discredited by the paper I linked to at the beginning of this thread
On a side note, one of the authors of the paper linked at the OP included the attached quote at the beginning of his master’s thesis:
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