I finally finished my work for the day. Time for some #SweetMagnolias !
And we’re off to the races with a brutal divorce! And Heather Headley. Let’s talk about Heather Headley. #SweetMagnolias
Maddie is going through some thangs. But can we talk about Heather Headley. 😫 #SweetMagnolias
Chris Klein is doing the most amazing accent. All I can think about are his Oz days. #SweetMagnolias
I’m here for my chunky gal Dana-Sue. Bitch, I love a hyphenate. #SweetMagnolias
These white women are dealing with some mouthy white children. I am stressed on their behalf. #SweetMagnolias
Dana Sue, FIRE HIM! #SweetMagnolias
Listen I loved Zoey 101. I’m glad Jamie Lynn is back. #SweetMagnolias
This is the second show I’m watching where my favorite character is named Helen. #SweetMagnolias #Siren
This show is so soothing. #SweetMagnolias
Helen is playing tennis with a hot Asian doctor. Please let them bone. #Sweetmagnolias
Okay I lied I’m gonna watch TWO episodes. This is the perfect before bed show. 😭 #SweetMagnolias
I want to fight Bill. #SweetMagnolias
Okay so now hot Black chef is flirting with Helen. Does Helen have options here?!??? #SweetMagnolias
Ooooh the coach is flirting with Maddie and she’s flustered. #SweetMagnolias
Or does hot Black chef secretly want to slide his sausage to Dana Sue!?! #SweetMagnolias
Like don’t fuck a married dude but I do feel bad for Noreen. Bill is putting her in a bad spot. #SweetMagnolias
Helen just punched me in the face with my own issues. Thanks Helen. 🥴 #SweetMagnolias
Okay I’m starting episode 3 cause of reasons. #SweetMagnolias
Noreen is trying Bill! I’m gonna kill Bill. #SweetMagnolias
Annie is trying it but I tried it with my mom like this once so I get it. 😂😀 #SweetMagnolias
IM BEING DRAGGED BY A @NETFLIX SHOW!!!! #SweetMagnolias 😖😫😫😭
Okay going to bed! More #SweetMagnolias tomorrow!
On Ep 4. Dana Sue cooking with these old dudes is adorable. #SweetMagnolias
Helen don’t forgive this bum. #SweetMagnolias
I’m watching you, Ryan. Also why is Helen the ghost of my almost past. This is stressing me the hell out. #SweetMagnolias
Damn Skeeter. Just throw that ladder at the wall. #SweetMagnolias
I’m stressed out for Noreen. 😫 #SweetMagnolias
I ship Chef Erik with everyone. #SweetMagnolias
Bill is seriously a plantation villain. #SweetMagnolias
Helen is the busiest woman in the whole state. #SweetMagnolias
SOMEONE BE NICE TO NOREEN! I CANT HANDLE THIS! also Erik has secrets. #SweetMagnolias
Back to #SweetMagnolias . Chef kid belongs to Helen. I’m calling it!
I want to fight Bill and Mary Vaughn’s husband. #SweetMagnolias
I just want someone to hold my hand too, Maddie! #SweetMagnolias
Noreen’s brother asking the hard hitting questions!!!!! #SweetMagnolias
Ep8. I need Noreen to leave Bill. LEAVE BILL, NOREEN! #SweetMagnolias
I like that Kyle can talk to Noreen. He's in that tough middle kid spot. #SweetMagonlias
How does Helen have time to press her hair?? She's doing 4000 things. Sit down, Helen! #SweetMagnolias
In the real world, Bill immediately gets another woman pregnant. Fucking Bill. #SweetMagnolias
I like that Dana Sue is a retired ho and that every knows about her ho days. I admire Dana Sue. #SweetMagnolia
I'm going to press charges against whoever waited until Ep 9 to introduce hot ass Jeremy. #SweetMagnolia
Also this cute pink jumper Maddie is wearing in Ep 9 is perfection. #SweetMagnolia
I'm worried about Kyle. But I'm really concerned about getting a whole season of Dana Sue restoring cars with/banging hot Jeremy. #SweetMagnolia
Oh Dana Sue and Jeremy are getting right to it. Okay. OKAY! #SweetMagnolias
Oh Helen. It's time to cut him loose. Get you a hotter farmer. Like Jeremy. #SweetMagnolias
I appreciate Helen's spiral. Drunk and Pregnant is the name of my band. #SweetMagnolias
No clue what this kid's name is, but they way he asked Annie to prom was so cute! #SweetMagnolias (edit: his name is Simon)
Jeremy just being a whole whore with this produce. and then Ronnie ( @TheBrandonQuinn) shows up. Dana Sue is swimming in fine man. Fat girl goals! #SweetMagnolias
This drama with Ronnie deserves it's own season. #SweetMagnolias
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