Since the conclusion of the privatisation process in September 2013, occasioning the separation of responsibilities in the shared purchase agreements, electricity generation and distribution have been worse than anyone expected. Therefore the need for a critical review.
Apart from the national grid, electricity is now distributed within a state or cluster of states yet the supplies, amidst overestimating the bills of consumers have been awful, to say the least. The nature of the agreements is supposed to improve coordination for better service.
From the TCN to the Discos, there is clear evidence of colossal failure and wasteful application of utilities to deliver steady electricity to Nigerians. Despite technological improvements in global electricity inventions, our electricity managers have failed to be competitive.
The National Assembly must continually address these shortfalls and entertain debates that will compel motions towards compliance to the terms and conditions of the share purchase agreement. The handlers have drenched hope, time, and resource, yet we must remediate the situation.
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