So. This thread, plus a few things.

I think beaches and parks should be open. Capacities should probably be limited though, to ensure people are practicing responsible social distancing. This is a thing we can at least attempt to do.
I have to admit though I'm bristling a bit at the "negative evidence" comment in this thread: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and just because no spike was observed doesn't mean widespread unrestricted crowding at beaches and parks isn't a risk.
We're not getting out of this by simply throwing restrictions aside casually, nor are we going to get through it with our collective sanity (mostly) intact if we basically make it illegal to leave your home.

There's a middle ground, we have to live there.
To my mind that middle ground is a rapid-but-gradual easing of restrictions (every 2-3 weeks roll back another step as long as the trend line either stays flat or keeps moving downward).
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