1/ Like many of you, I’ve spent time and treasure these last months fundraising for various front-line and neighborhood efforts to keep businesses afloat and people fed.

Now I’m going make the case for you to give to @motherjones if you can. https://secure.motherjones.com/flex/mj/key/7MNTHLY/src/7AHST02
2/ Journalism is the immune system of democracy, as @MonikaBauerlein writes here. And, folks, it's crashing. 36,000 journalists have lost their jobs in last few weeks. At outlets once thought to be the solution to devastating cuts to local papers: https://www.motherjones.com/media/2020/05/news-is-just-like-waste-management/
3/ Like white blood cells, journalists activate when there's something infecting the body politic. They search out untruth, purge dishonesty, build resiliency. They take on cancers that nobody else can or will. Yeah, we're imperfect humans. But that at core is the mission.
4/ The media was already facing its own extinction crisis, with Google and Facebook taking all the revenue away, with predatory private equity firms gutting media companies and selling of the scraps. And then came COVID: https://www.motherjones.com/media/2020/05/news-is-just-like-waste-management/
5/ Vaunted media companies—old and new—will not survive this, at least, not in anything remotely approximating their full vigor. Ad sales have cratered. No live events. No newsstand. Every single way media companies make money is gone. Except reader support.
6/ Now, here is where @MotherJones shines. And by shines I mean "may survive ~intact if supporters step up." Not a ton of our money comes through ads. People subscribe and donate and those people keep us stable. https://secure.motherjones.com/flex/mj/key/7MNTHLY/src/7AHST02/
7/ And our readers are fantastic. Have off the charts metrics of working for the community even when times are good. So many teachers, librarians, social workers, people on the front lines of helping others.
8/ One of our biggest reporting priorities of this year was corruption. And when COVID hit, we pivoted to prioritizing how corruption (Trump's and others) was poisoning the federal government's response, how self-interest has trumped valiant efforts at collective action.
9/ This week we're finishing up an issue that is 100% dedicated to the comorbidities of COVID and corruption. Subscribe now and you'll get in a couple weeks. But I hope you'll consider giving more that a subscription. https://secure.motherjones.com/flex/mj/key/7MNTHLY/src/7AHST02/
10/ Our staff is scared, like you. Working with little kids/barking dogs/ roommates driving them mad, like you. Worried about their jobs, like you. They are working their assess off, because journalism and the collective action that flows from it is the only hope we have.
11/ So we've been reporting our butts off. Preparing a historical record of what happened when, so Trump can't send it all down the memory hole. Here's a taste of a vast timeline of COVID project we're working on:
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