i’m rewatching tharntype here’s a thread of tweets
episode one opening scene be like Type: My roommate is hot! I hate gays
like i get the dude has trauma but my god the way the script portrays his homophobia is fucking FUNNY
especially bc now i know what happens and also Gulf is actual BABY so having him play this homophobic asshole is the funniest goddamn thing
absolutely insane that Mew is like an established BL actor and Gulf is brand fucking new and they just shot their way to the top of best BLs bc of their chemistry
i’m also very glad they changed the Type actor to gulf in TT bc Earth P as Type in LBC with Mew as Tharn would be weird
Type be like: IM MOVING OUT. *doesnt do anything to actually attempt to move out except threaten it*
oh the foreshadowing by Klui here...... yike
oh honey you’ve got a big storm coming
i’m not gay bro i hate gays bro i just can’t get off to girls because i’m thinking about you bro
techno and types friendship is honest to god one of the best parts of this show
ya boy just made out with Tharn in the bathroom and then yelled “shit this is bad” i’m fucking wheezing
i’m me skipping all the TarTum scenes bc it isn’t my boy Earth
type be like *let’s gay roommate sit on lap during emotionally charged talk*: you still trust me even though i hate gay people and you?
most of this shows script and plot are absolutely horrible but goddamn Gulf is a good actor and the mewgulf chemistry is.... art
a continuation of the last group of pictures: Hugs Gay Roommate within an inch of his life: i hate you
Got him!
we love a good angst filled emotions reveal! followed by soft fluffy haired baby type
DUDHshdh he spit in his face i’m wheezing
get him techno
oh this got emo real fast tharn buddy
Ep4 37:30 vs Ep4 39:53
this is the funniest sequence of events i’ve ever seen in my LIFE
we get it buddy. one time only
you heard right!
again Type, you gotta big storm coming honey
wow way to sell it my guy
i forgot to post this earlier in the show look how baby he is
why did he kiss him so quickly after saying no kissing . bro .
can we just talk about how most of these actors are only ok with like 2 maybe 3 kisses in their entire shows and Gulf walked in for his first ever and just straight up spent 60% of the time making out with Mew
oh my god
this happens all in like 7 minutes of this episode i cannot with them
god types existential crisis is incredible
jesu christsgsvshsn
like a jackass oh my god shut up
this kiss is..... so good
oh my god techno is straight up taking shots
god this is soft
oh my god
the yearning. i am aching
good god
i’ll fucking kill myself ill do it
techno is me
Again: Techno is me
god this is a comedy i swear
i cannot believe Type went on a date with this girl, couldn’t stop thinking about Tharn, then told the girl he wasn’t paying attention to her because his dog died
this scene is achingly good
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