Watching the questions at the cabinet meeting that Trump is taking.

You have to understand this.

To these reporters?


They never have.

They score points and drive their narratives by ASKING THE QUESTIONS.

The QUESTIONS are the only thing.
But now that Trump is TAKING HCQ and THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of frontline workers are taking it?

These media people are freaking out.

They're asking the questions they're supposed to but IN THIS SETTING Trump's answers will get through.
In case you are wondering why the Democratic Party and the DNC Media Complex [but I repeat myself!] are on a protracted jihad against ANYBODY who advocates taking HCQ & Zinc?

Why do they get so TRIGGERED about it?

I'm about to explain it to you in the next tweet.

Bet'cha hadn't figured THAT out yet, right!? 😏 [this is my smart ass face]

IF it's **true** HCQ+Zinc is a viable treatment to cure and even PREVENT getting this new virus, why is that the WORST POSSIBLE NEWS EVER for Democrats?
As you have seen over the past 2 weeks, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to Democrats & the DNC Media [BIRM!] that this country stay LOCKED DOWN until the election in November.

So why is HCQ+Zinc news being an effective treatment sending these people into a mouth foaming rage?
HCQ & Zinc have been safe, legal generic drugs since before I was born in 1964.

They are cheap, both to make and to buy.

Widely available. Worldwide.

The Left is DEAD SET on attacking ANY cure or viable treatment that's rolled out prior to November.

Doesn't matter WHAT it is.
Right now Cavuto on Fox has on another guest, from John Hopkins, the Public Health guy there, to say there is no data whatsoever anywhere from any reputable study that HCQ+Zinc is an effective treatment for this virus or has any preventative properties.
Anti-Trump people still DESPERATELY HOPING they can use this pandemic to influence the November election have all dropped their masks and are exposing the face of their naked hate.



Let the hate flow through you!
Never forget this day, men.

The day they continued to SHOW YOU they don't care if you lose your job, your business or YOUR LIFE.

They don't WANT a cure for this until they've gotten rid of TRUMP.
I will now speak to anyone reading this who might STILL be thinking about voting for Joe Biden and Democrats.

You cannot do this.

You cannot reward people who show you they will destroy as MANY OF THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS as it takes to get political power back.
It's not your imagination. The Democratic Party is now being run by anti-American lunatics on a quest of mass destruction.

You've spent your life focused on virtue-signaling about what a 'good' person you are by voting Democrat?

Stand on your feet now and BE AN AMERICAN.
If you're reading this and you've never voted, listen to me now.

Maybe you've always thought what those upper class twits at the statehouse or in DC did never really affected you all that much.

You just spent the past 4 months getting an object lesson about the truth of it.

At **every** level.

As many non-political & non-voting people in many deep blue states had to learn the hard way, you're not exempt from bad leaders getting elected just because you didn't go vote.
This pandemic could have broken a lesser leader.

Had Hillary Clinton been President when this thing hit we would have lost way more people to this thing.

Trump got us through it.

The markets didn't collapse, as the ghouls were hoping they would.
After miracles that Trump worked to guide this country through an unprecedented national emergency, stunning achievements on ventilators and testing and PPE equipment & drugs...Democrats want you to reward Trump for this by throwing him out of office and electing this guy.


We have a great leader already in office.

He just proved it.

And he'll continue to prove it.

Meanwhile brace for Democrats & DNC Media to continue proving they have left humanity behind.

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