1|A short thread on the prospects of Taliban-India relations:

India has long feared a Taliban ruled AFG as a threat for its national security. This could have been true in those days when Taliban and Pak shared a close relationship which isn’t the case today. Taliban prioritizes
2|Afghanistan’s national interests over fanatical adventures outside the country. The deal signed in Doha also guarantees it. But then there’s AQIS (Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent) whose primary target is India, Kashmir, Bangladesh & Burma. AQIS have a strong presence in AFG
3| under Taliban’s patronage (Source: LWJ). They recently renamed the famous magazine Nawae Afghan Jihad to Nawae Ghazwae Hind signifying a shift towards India as victory in AFG seems at hand. With support from Kashmir based Ansar Ghazwatul Hind group of Zakir Musa
4|& capitalizing on the chaos and oppression of Muslim community in India, the prospects of Al-Qaeda launching attacks in mainland India are higher. This won’t be happening anytime soon for as long as Al-Qaeda remains dependent on Iran who won’t allow the group to threaten
5| its ally. As for as Taliban are concerned, their struggle is restricted to Afghanistan only and they will focus on improving and strengthening their Emirate once Kabul is toppled. India still has the chance to give up its support for Kabul & diplomatically engage
6|the winning side: Taliban. Most of this talk about Ghazwae Hind and Taliban being the prophesied Army comes from fanatical Pakistanis led by Zaid Hamid and his ilk. They will truly be disappointed once the talks between India and Taliban begins.
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