I couldn't sleep the other night so I thought I'd play a game of guess which Doctor outfit would be on each blu ray set cover #DoctorWho I'll see how many guesses are right in time. So here's my ideas.
#DoctorWho s1 blu ray cover guess is the iconic An Unearthly Child look with cloak, hat and scarf. S2 could be the Web Planet variant with check tie and dark grey waistcoat with or without ADJ and white hat.
#DoctorWho s3 blu ray cover guess is the standard Doctor 1 look unless s3 has the War Machines cloak and hat and s1 has the standard outfit. S4 could be Troughton with tall hat and cloak or normal costume with hat (presumably the louder check trousers).
#DoctorWho s5 blu ray cover guess is the fur coat look or maybe the woolly hat from Fury from the Deep. S6 would presumably be the standard Troughton costume.
#DoctorWho s7 blu ray cover guess is the original full Pertwee look - dark blue jacket and black cape with red lining. S8 I imagine would be the red jacket and cape with purple lining.
#DoctorWho s9 blu ray cover guess is probably the Curse of Peladon jacket and check cape. S10 had the green jacket and s11 had 4 other options. I hope its not the Death to the Daleks one chosen. I'll go for the Invasion of the Dinosaurs look
Tom has 6 different coats over 7 seasons. As s14 used the Talons outfit and coat 1 was on s12 and coat 6 was on s18 the rest should slot in. #DoctorWho s13 blu ray cover guess is the red velvet coat and s15 is the oatmeal coat.
This leaves 2 coats so my #DoctorWho blu ray cover guess for s16 is the brown coat and s17 has the grey coat. That was quite easy.
My s20 blu ray #DoctorWho cover guess is a bit difficult as there's very little variety. Davison with hat? S21 has the costume variation so that seems more likely.
#DoctorWho s22 blu ray cover guess would be Colin's blue necktie, brown waistcoat look - it's more which cat badge will it be? S24 could show variation in that Time and the Rani has the tartan scarf, braces over tank top look or the Paradise Towers bamboo umbrella.
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