A lot of what folks see from me here is backing up our current policies with philosophy and data. You may also think I'm a stubborn. My wife and mom would agree with you.
What you don't see is that we go back constantly check and re-check the data and the queries used to get the data, as well as getting feedback from multiple sources to verify we are still choosing the best compromises.

Often rechecking results in no changes.
But if you've been following along over the years, you've probably seen us also change stances based on new data and new feedback.

Then, when the policies change, I will just as stubbornly back those policies with the new data as I did the old.
So even though I do come off stone-faced on twitter, behind the scenes we do make sure to question everything and see if there are new compromises we can make to make life better in cases we didn't think we could before.

Just some lunch thoughts.
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