#QAnon Think chess. Attack the king at the beginning of the game? Or remove pawns first, then attack, remove bishops, rooks, knights next, & remove queen mid-to-end?
Do emotions affect critical thinking?
Rogue elements control Hussein.
How do you set the stage?
“At this time.”
2. #QAnon Everything is at stake this election.
Is this about the virus or something else?
Why do the media [D]s want people
to fear going outside?
3. #QAnon Why doesn’t the media [D]s want people to point the finger at China as the #ChinaVirus source? #Q
4. #QAnon Enemies expend ammo when they feel most threatened. #Q
5. #QAnon "The Clinton campaign on Monday tried to downplay Ms. Abedin’s involvement in the Muslim Brotherhood." #Q
6. #QAnon "Media Matters pointed to a 'Snopes fact-check' that cited as its sole source… Senator John McCain who met Libyan militia leader Abdelkarim Belhaj, a known al Qaeda associate, and saluted him as “my hero” during a 2011 visit to Benghazi.

8. #QAnon The Anti-Corruption Board of Ukraine (NABU) posts damning recordings of Biden/Kerry's quid pro quo calls with Porshenko: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCy5CvZAyn7skY1OCrg0VcYw https://twitter.com/robbystarbuck/status/1262801164783009793?s=19 #Q
9. #QAnon [Hussein] had it classified TOP SECRET to keep it from US: He made clear he wanted #SpyGate secret, it was to look "normal as it would 'by the book'". Didn't want Rogers at NSA giving Flynn intel or others on newly elected POTUS team to know! #Q

10. #QAnon An enormous crime of unprecedented proportions was perpetrated against the American People, with nothing like it in history ever before! Not by a long, long shot! Here, it was perpetrated against ALL of US! #Q
11. #QAnon "What happened to the US president in the 2016 election and throughout the first 2 years of his election was apparent. It was a grave injustice and it was unprecedented in American history. We saw two different standards of justice emerge." https://twitter.com/MaverickInSky/status/1262825965534744577 #Q
12. #QAnon replies to an impatient anon's previous bread (/pb).
Indeed it is a marathon. #Q
13. #QAnon Why do MSM [D]s have a 'vested interest' in censoring and attacking #HCQ?? #Wuhan was locked down for 16 days.
#Q https://qcostarica.com/hydroxychloroquine-the-drug-costa-rica-uses-successfully-to-fight-covid-19/
14. #QAnon points to our President (Scavino?) digging out a May 30, 2019 response to his May 29, 2019 tweet for reply today. Kun anons respond. #Q
15. #QAnon

Reconciled: Dr Fauci was wearing the mask coming out of self quarantine that day to support the President, potentially protecting others, after the Doctor had himself been exposed to the COVID+ staffer in VPs office. #Q https://twitter.com/ttp13526/status/1263151872812040193
16. #QAnon [D]s fail in their attempt to use COVID to hide vast corruption rising to treasonous proportions. MSM is ignoring this EXPLOSIVE story about Criminal Politicians selling their COUNTRY and robbing their COUNTRYmen. #Q https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2020-05-20/senate-committee-authorizes-subpoena-in-gops-hunter-biden-burisma-investigation
17. #QAnon

Spontaneous dance breaks out at the event of President Donald Trump's touring of a mask distribution center in Allentown Pennsylvania last Thursday. #Q
18. #QAnon The fear and obey tactics will end the day after election day meanwhile pushing #BallotHarvesting fraud [vote by mail].
19. #QAnon

"There once was a party called Democrats
The habitat of liars and bureaucrats..."

Release of convicts from prison [evil releases evil].
Do these people care about your well-being?
Do these people love America?
Do anything to regain power?
20. #QAnon

The world is what we make it, but, People gave up control and
became compartmentalized [divided], taught to fight each other.
Unity is what gives people strength, Power over government.
Unity creates peace.
Unity is humanity.
21. #QAnon Reconciled. News Friday May 8 about an outbreak of coronavirus infections among White House employees — including VP’s press secretary — raised concerns among journalists about the cramped confines of the West Wing’s press briefing room. #Q
22. #QAnon At 8:19 this morning the President of the United States tweets questioning "guys like Low Ratings Psycho Joe Scarborough [being] allowed to walk the streets? Open Cold Case!" #Q https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1263081823812366338
23. #QAnon
At 1:43 PM Wife of a Krassenstein brother tweets Mika Brzezinski calling on @Twitter "to do something about 'him'", the President, and the Wife of a Krassenstein brother calling for the President to be banned. https://twitter.com/HKrassenstein/status/1263163468800278531 #Q
24. At 5:18 PM #QAnon cites @TheUnitedSpot1's parody of the matter. #Q https://twitter.com/TheUnitedSpot1/status/1263190701996556288
25. #QAnon @TheUnitedSpot1's parody of the matter got their account suspended, but only VERY momentarily. I'm thinking @jack made the right call.
26. #QAnon 28 year old females often fall dead in offices by themselves with skull fractures, right? https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Lori_Klausutis #Q
27. #QAnon The President seems to be formulating an opinion. #Q
28. #QAnon #ByTheBook

1.) Who ordered the (illegal) spying
2.) on specifically how many American citizens, in the 2016 election year?

"Ask and you shall receive."

@ChuckGrassley memo to @RichardGrenell requesting all unmasking requests 1/2016-1/17
29. #QAnon [Hussein]'s spy inserts & umbrella collection violated statutes: US' use of UK, Aus, NZ, Canada's spy networks (Five Eyes, "FVEY") to spy on Trump campaign, and attempt to frame it, went through an "unofficial channel" Nunes found. #ObamaGate
30. #QAnon [Hussein] weaponized surveillance to target President Trump & undermine Our incoming administration, directly targeting Flynn, & days before President Trump's inauguration directing its secrecy to be "mindfully" held against the American people. https://thefederalist.com/2020/05/21/how-the-obama-administration-weaponized-surveillance-laws-to-target-trump/
31. #QAnon: CIA was the quarterback.
Communist John was the quarterback.
Dir John Brennan was the quarterback of #ObamaGate.

Brennan was quarterback hacking Senate Intel Committee computers.

Brennan was quarterback then & throughout #ObamaGate.
32. #QAnon Many CIA assets in MSM are in place to obfuscate Brennan's treasonous crimes, including those who were in FBI working with MSM.
Infiltration instead of invasion.
Expand your thinking.
33. #QAnon on CIA's use of journalists in media: https://www.intelligence.senate.gov/sites/default/files/hearings/ciasuseofjournal00unit.pdf

People have been compartmentalized [divided].
People fell asleep long ago.
People gave up control.
Divided you are weak.
Religion v religion
Gender v gender
Class v class
Race v race
Power over
32. #QAnon Richard Grenell, US ambassador to Germany, has been currently serving as acting DNI declassifying files related to the "unmasking" of former national security adviser Michael Flynn's name in intelligence reports. Ratcliffe will replace Grenell https://www.foxnews.com/politics/senate-votes-ratcliffe
33. #QAnon https://twitter.com/TruthHammer888/status/1263503349892050944 Is Cavuto on CIA payroll?

No difference in EKGs: https://twitter.com/DocRock1007/status/1263531402320064514?s=20 #Q
34. #QAnon Presently 1,573,742 US #COVID19 cases've been id'ed in the US, and 94,566 confirmed #COVID19 deaths; 6% have died. CDC deaths per case of FLU illness range from 0.10%-0.17%. Compared to flu, #COVID19 is >35 times more lethal/case of flu, and, also >2x more contagious.
35. The cause of most #COVID19 deaths comes from its effect on the lungs. This condition's called pneumonia. Pneumonia is a potential manifestation of #COVID19 illness, NOT a different illness. #WuhanPneumonia #TheChineseVirus
https://www.cdc.gov/flu/images/about/burden/printable-tables2-17-18.pptx #Q
36. #QAnon Ex-judge of elections in Pa. took bribes, fraudulently stuffed ballots. says DOJ: Demuro took $ to falsify xs ballots in favor of [D]s & certified the phony results at his precincts. A local 'political consultant' gave him directions and paid $. https://www.pennlive.com/nation-world/2020/05/ex-judge-of-elections-in-pa-accepted-bribes-fraudulently-stuffed-the-ballot-box.html?utm_campaign=pennlive_sf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0zt8RWkZcW4UVPn7g5j6qyMU5at_mSNa0wYOx49E662aqnYlyYVme9Ly8
37. #QAnon #mikabrzezinski "It's Our Job to control what people think" #Q https://twitter.com/tteegar/status/834440794375327744
38. #QAnon It is worth remembering U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch's request to monitor the communications of U.S. journalists in the country. #Q https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-impeachment-inquiry-devin-nunes-state-dept-yovanovitch-strange-irregular-requests-monitor-press-journalists
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