The Q Review For You 5/19/20: Let's Talk About Chess Baby, Let's Talk About You And Me.
1. Q is back with another QDrop about chess. Q's understanding of chess is so one dimensional it drives me nuts. Q could be making QDrops that seem so deep and insightful if they had any real concept of the game. Instead he's just a blithering moron.
2. You don't 'remove pawns' first. The first thing you do is develop pieces. You get your knights and bishops off the back line and into the fight. This gives you more options for moves and also clears the path for your king to castle and connect your rooks.
3. Here Black is developing pieces and priming themselves for a solid early game attack while White dithers by moving pawns around all willy-nilly.
4. It's about attacking and controlling the center of the board, it's about forcing your opponent into having limited options. There's so much to chess that Q could use as a metaphor for the Cabal Vs the Patriots battle and yet all he can come up with is "Take the pawns first".
5. Imagine the QDrops about "Settling the board" and talking about Sessions being a knight, or Trey Gowdy being a Bishop. Of moving pieces into place to attack the weak spots of the Deep State.
6. Chess openings are cataloged and studied and have books written about the series of opening moves. The phrase "Out of book" is used for when a game is no longer in the studied elements and now becomes a true battle of wits between the players.
7. Imagine Q talking about unorthodox moves forcing the Deep State "Out of Book" and making them scramble to come up with answers. Trump's misspellings and incoherent gestures would be tailor made for this sort of claim.
8. Sacrifices are another big part of the game. Imagine Q endlessly talking about the bold "Sessions Sacrifice" that opens a world of options for the Patriots to attack the Deep State. The cunning maneuvers needed to counter the Deep State's plans.
9. Pawns being promoted to queens. Q could have screamed about Seth Rich being close to being promoted. "Seth Rich made it to 7th rank, Cabal did everything to prevent promotion. They think they were successful. Were they?"
10. Chess is a fluid and dynamic game, you don't start the game capturing the smallest pieces and working your way up to the biggest, you attack, you defend, you exploit gaps in the enemies defenses while trying to cover up gaps in your own.
11. It is a complex, challenging and beautiful game and Q has no earthly idea how it works. Seeing these QDrops lowers my already low opinion of him. I really hope he gets into poker next. Keep posting stuff that's in my wheelhouse Jim.
12. The Red Queen kneels in the center of the chess board. #QAnon #Bartcop #ShirleyManson
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