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This is not some unique style of luxury market-rate "soulless" development. It's the architecture of 21st century modern housing, whether for six-figure earners or for formerly homeless residents.
For many years, public housing projects were ostracized for being obviously public housing, in low income communities as well.

The idea behind modern designs for low income housing was to make that not clear. That being poor shouldnt mean you live in poor styled housing
It works so well that nunerous times, locally, people who think they're taking pictures and ridiculing luxury condos were insulting low income, supportive and homeless housing projects.

In Oakland, nonprofits erected banners amid the affordability crisis to make it clear.
Unfortunately, no. This is not public housing, this is publicly subsidized nonprofit housing. Which is why we dont have enough. When the day comes the Federal government builds social housing directly again, it will look like this too.
Take a look at Article 34 of California Constitution which bans public housing (including subsidized) without a vote from local residents. Made during the racist backlash against public housing.

Make sure your CA reps support the move to repeal it!
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