I was pretty sure online learning wasn't working with 3 primary-aged kids with two working parents when we were all faking it, and now that everyone is actually trying, well, let me just say September is going to be the public education test for our time.
So far today two of the three kids have used Word, Zoom, MS teams, a CSDM-assigned email address, two parental email addresses, Class Dojo, Youtube, the CSDM web portal, a dozen printed PDFs (we've spent $150 on ink in two months).
The 3rd kid's teacher has mercifully ghosted.
That's amounted to approximately 90 minutes of work for each kid.
We haven't even glanced at all the material the guidance counsellor and English teacher has sent to us. (Sorry English teacher, we've got that part covered for now.)
I took a graduate course online last fall. One course. It was a well-developed class and took tremendous amount of work to keep on track, just for me. This is going to be trouble.
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