Ok so 4 years back when I came to Pakistan from Dubai for studies
I went to my grandparents village
Our house in village was locked for 6 months..
When we go there.. 1st 2 days were good.. but 3rd day a lil odd things started to happen.. (1)
My things were not present at place where I left them.. but after 1 or 2 days it was present there only..
One night all cousins were watching movie.. then we were talking.. it was 3 am .. and my cousin said he saw a child and a man with blue shirt outside (2)
We thought it was theif.. bcz its common in village.. We went to check but no one was there.. and we shrugged it off.
Then 2 days after that I was sleepy at 10 pm but my cousins want to watch movie .. at 2 am movie finished and everyone slept but mujhe neend nahi arahi thi ab
I was changing sides.. trying to slee. My 2 sister cousin were on bed with me.. and room was locked.. I heard a loud sound inside the room.. it felt like something heavy fell on floor
I turned around to check what fell
I thought maybe water bottle fell
But it was on its place (4)
I turned around thinking uper se ayi hogi awaz.. but just then I felt someone is pushing bed..
I again tried to sleep bcz I heard there were ghosts here..
So calming myself download I pull blanket over my face with hand cletching it.. Just then someone pulled it with force (5)
My blanket fell down from bed.. And this was when I felt scared.. I pull blanket once again.. reciting surah.. wake up my sis and told her to hug me..
She hugged me but after few min turned around as she was in sleep..
Then someone start tickling my foot (6)
I stood up.. went to washroom .. washed my face and inside washroom I said it loud.. I know you dont want to harm me and having just fun but please I am sleepy .. let me sleep now..
I went to bed ...
Wake my sis again
Tell her to change blankets
She did.. and them I slept (7)
Then in morning I told my uncle aunt abt it.. they said it keep happening but you were lucky that those ones were good one..
Be safe next time bcz there were bad ones too (8)

Next encounter was completely diff... and hell scary..
Coming in next part
Next encounter was not in my house
It was on the way to our trip to mountains
So we were going on trip and there were small stays in between our way..
1 stop was fun
2 was amazing too
3rd stop was at hotel of my father's friend
My and 3 more cousin were in same room
And it was on ground floor
There were only 1 room on ground floor .. other was kitchen(1)
Between our room and kitchen there were stairs to go up..
So if you want to go in kitchen .. apko stairs ke saamne se guzarna hoga..
And infront of stairs was main gate
My cousin wake me up in midnight saying she is thirsty (I was elder in that room) (2)
So I went towards kitchen to bring water (pls my dil is dhak dhak rn) and I saw a beautiful couple sitting at stairs
I felt strange as in hotel there was only our family and hotel owner family there..
I asked them "Aap kaun"
They both looked towards me and smile (3)
They didn't relpy and ran towards gate.. aur I saw woh gate ke neeche se chale gaye
I was numb.. I tried to scream but meri awaaz nahi nikli .. I tried to move but I was not able to for 5 minutes..
I stood there as it is..
It felt like 5 long years to me
I was sweating (4)
And after those 5 min meri 30% awaaz nikli and I moved back to room..
I wake up my cousins.. called my uncle .. he came downstairs.. And I was having fever..
Next evening we had to leave.. and there was a store room lil away from main hotel.. in the garden area (5)
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