BREAKING NEWS: Leaked calls between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko prove what we knew all along!! Joe did in fact engage in #QuidProQuo in order to replace Ukraine Prosecutor Viktor Shokin!!
#QAnon (Thread)
December 3, 2015: Former Secretary of State John Kerry lays out the case to fire Shokin. Poroshenko replies that the newly reorganized prosecutor general's office (NABU) won't be able to pursue corruption charges, and that it may be difficult to fire Shokin without cause. #QAnon
February 18, 2016: Poroshenko delivers some “positive news” to Biden regarding Shokin. #QAnon #QuidProQuo #QuidProJoe
March 22, 2016: Biden wants to know if everything has followed through so he can give the $1 Billion dollar loan guarantee. Poroshenko confirms and tells Biden that one of the leading candidates is the man who replaced Shokin, Yuriy Lutsenko. #QAnon #QuidProJoe #QuidProQuo
May 13, 2016: Portoshenko and Biden discuss how to get the transaction of the $1 Billion dollar loan guarantee to Kyiv 1/2 #QAnon #QuidProQuo #QuidProJoe
May 13, 2016: Biden congratulates Poroshenko and Poroshenko thanks Biden for the support 2/2 (End Thread) #QAnon #QuidProQuo #QuidProJoe
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