Our @LLopezGonzalez will be live-tweeting tonight's meeting with @DrZweliMkhize & #Covid19SA modellers. What does the future hold for #CoronavirusInSA? Stay tuned. Mkhize: There are a lot of modellers out there. Some do it academically, some we engage.
Mkhize: The NDOH has been working with modellers to refine their models. Initial models were largely based on how outbreaks behaved in other countries. #Covid19SA #CoronavirusInSA
Mkhize starts by presenting a global picture of the wide-ranging case fatality rate globally
Mkhize: "What we realise is that the curve was going to be higher... we needed time to improve capacity - more doctors, more ICU beds. We needed to have a sense of what the needs would be when the situation arose." #Covid19SA
Here's a snapshot of how South Africa responded to #Covid_19 by Health Minister Zweli Mkhize #CoronavirusInSA
The focus of the country's #Covid19SA is now focused on hot spots, Mkhize. He explains that the country will now focus on stages 4, 5, 6 and 7 in this graph.
Deaths are increasing. "We're busy analysing why some death rates don't mimick the case numbers," Mkhize says. #CoronavirusInSA #Covid19SA
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