If ur a cell u have to get fucked up in a bunch of ways to become cancer!!! Extremely confused
Angiogenesis is blood vessel growth, they have to recruit their own blood supply to support their mayhem! They act so bad
Nice cooperative cells wait to be told by their community that it’s time to grow but sometimes rogue cells start talking to themselves like “grow grow grow!!!!” But it’s not time for them to grow. Theyre wrong
Or they might start listening way too hard and if they hear even a murmur of a THOUGHT that it’s time to grow they’re like “ok they said GROW GROW GROW”
No idea what’s happening here but I would support more research into the frizzled → disheveled pathway
Some cancer cells scam their normal supportive cell neighbors into TELLING them to grow wildly and do bad things. Psychological abuse
Nice cooperative cells that want to grow also listen to their comrades when they’re told to fucking stop. Cancer cells have to learn to be bad in this way too!
If you’re a normal cell and things start to get wacky or you start to act bad your soul will tell u it’s time to die. To become a wild cancer cell u have to lose ur conscience
They still have parts of their “time to die” system left tho, maybe some cancers can be treated by drugs that make it work again
Those 3 capabilities (telling yourself to grow, not listening when told to stop, not doing time2die when things get weird) disconnect the cell’s growth decisions from their environment and comrades! CGTOW!
But that’s still not enough to really make mayhem bc if you’re normal just a priori you’re like “uhh probably I should not be making 5 million copies of myself”
Have u heard that ur telomeres get shorter as you age, cancer cells are MANTAINING their telomeres to keep them longer, which lets them keep dividing. If u were made entirely of cancer cells u could live forever, except living requires functioning organs and not just cell mayhem
If they have all that stuff they will try to endlessly divide, but they only have the ability if they can scam the body into building them a blood supply! To metastasize they also have to learn to colonize new environments which is complicated!
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