1. Labour Party's approach to China has been silence. Like on many international Qs LP has little to say & hasn't given it any serious thought. Unlike the Tories: @David_Cameron/ @George_Osbourne and excellent conf organised by @CPSThinkTank in June 2020. Step forward @SKinnock:
2. China is the most important strategic issue facing UK. Kinnock acknowledges this but then falls into cliche and shallow thinking. There are two crucial problems: a) Understanding China; b) Grasping that China is fast becoming the most important country in the world.
3. China will never have a western-style political system. It comes from entirely different roots. If you don't understand that you will never understand China. Starting point: stop telling China to be like us. Kinnock calls for respect but refuses to recognise China is different
4. China will transform the international system. Just as US and UK did. This is inevitable. The international system was created by the West (now only 15% of humanity). Democratic? The new system will be the creation of China (18%) and developing world (85%). More democratic?
5. Kinnock says China argues: 'our model of governance is the one that the world should be adopting.' This is incredibly ignorant. China has never thought like this. The USSR did; China never has. It has never thought of itself as a model for anyone. This is the Middle Kingdom!
6. He seems to base his views on meeting 'wolf warriors' at the Chinese embassy. This is not serious. If you want to understand China then you have to got there and study it. The longer we live cocooned in a western bubble, the less we will understand China - to our great cost.
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