Turns out ol' Petro Poroshenko is ON TAPE boasting to Biden about rampant corruption.

And the Ukrainian gov't of President Zelensky is about to **fully reveal** just how absurd that entire Trump phone call impeachment hoax the Dems inflicted on this country really was!
Remember how instead of chasing this story the DNC Media Complex turned it's nose up and said "Meh, @RudyGiuliani has **tainted** this! We can't touch it! Besides, it's just another stupid wild crazy right-wing conspiracy theory!"

All those months they mocked him.
I'll note the former slimy corrupt President of Ukraine, ol' Petro himself, the guy on who's watch BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN FOREIGN AID just went **POOF!** & disappeared, is boasting about this blatant corruption to VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN.

Who never said A WORD ABOUT THIS.
Here's the raw video, no English captions or translation as yet.
Holy shit am I understanding this right? They also have Kerry on these recordings?
"The recordings that were made at the end of 2015 and during 2016 between Poroshenko and Biden, as well as between the former President of Ukraine and ***former United States Secretary of State***, were made public at a today press conference held by Derkach at Interfax-Ukraine."
I've suspected for some time now that the **REAL** UkraineGate was coming, but it wasn't going to be launched out of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.

I suspected the Trump administration was **assisting** the new gov't of Volodymyr Zelensky in it's own investigations.
I'm sure Barr, Giuliani & many others in the US have been ***extremely helpful*** in providing aid and assistance to the Ukraine investigators as they seek to get justice for the crimes of former presidents who looted the country.

And those who helped them do it.
What's also going to result from this is it coming out that the Trump and Zelensky administrations have been WORKING TOGETHER on this since April of 2017.

Remember: even ZELENSKY HIMSELF telling Democrats in Congress their fake take on the phone call was absurd didn't stop them.
Even when Zelensky said multiple times there was no threat to withhold military aid, the Democrats rammed that sham impeachment through the House. It always was and remains an utter farce.
It's going to surface that Zelensky's gov't has **direct evidence** Biden was involved in corruption in their country.

Of course, Dems will furiously scream foul & say Zelensky's prosecutors only found this evidence & built this case BECAUSE TRUMP THREATENED HIM ON THE PHONE.
Well my Goodness.

I guess Democrats had better just go ahead.....

and impeach him AGAIN.



understand me....


Nothing can stop what's coming.

Trump landslide.


Hey everybody....turns out Joe Biden **was** telling the truth about getting that prosecutor fired in that viral video! https://twitter.com/robbystarbuck/status/1262783831666495488?s=20
And @ClimateAudit is all over this: https://twitter.com/ClimateAudit/status/1262763095635529732?s=20
Told you.
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