#Aalavandhan Title : A Coin spins on a surface and scratches it,forming the title. How a toss is going to affect the lives of a twin brothers.The head side of the coin and the symbol :( in the title represent that the story is going to be in Nandhu's perspective. #KamalHaasan
Vijay, a Commando, saves country from terrorists.
Nandhu , a schizophrenic, hallucinates and tries to save his brother from her fiancèe. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan #Abhay
This is the 1st shot which covers all the 3 main characters of the film.Nandhu-Vijay-Tejaswini.This shot may represent that Nandhu is going to become Nandhi(barrier) b/w Vijay&Tejas and oppose them. In the 2nd pic #KamalHaasan 's placement looks like reflection #Aalavandhan
In this tattoo, 2 snakes form a hood of a single snake. Snakes represent the 2 brothers Nandhu and Vijay .1 body with 2 lives.During Nandhu's escape from Asylum , there will be a snake in that shot, denotes his escape. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
And the song Kadavul Paathi.. Nandhu defines how his animality is overpowering his divinity inside his mind.That song location may be a metaphor of his mindset.The Rough Rocked Walls(Animality), the Greeny leaves(Divinity) with the smoky ambiance. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
Nandhu is a Child by his mind. Longing for MOM's love, Enjoying cartoons .In Nandhu's Intro Scene, he crawls nakedly like a baby. In the 4th pic he lies like a baby in womb.The Light that falls on him looks like a womb and he is lying like a baby in it. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
Nanthu's imagination sequences are shown with Green Shade.His 1st imagination, A group of Dancers is dancing with him.We can see a green lighting on them. By this shade we can differentiate which is real & which is his imagination. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
What will happen, if an unmedicated schizophrenic roams in a street after intaking drugs? They have Picturised the whole sequence in the Nandhu's perspective.Hallucinates as Cartoon.Only from the lighting we can understand the sequence. World Class! ☺ #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
In this shot , we can see a unordered, reversed, mirrored alphabet between him and his hallucination. That may Denote his unsteady or confused state . #Aalavandhan #KamalHaasan
The Rain Dance :Gautham Sundarrajan,Choreographer,in an interview revealed that the theme of this song is"Masturbation".How a mentally illed man,satisfies his sexual desire after seeing a wall poster. And imagines as he was dancing with that woman. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
The Rain Dance : Seducing Music, Colorful lightings, Classy dance moves. Definitely A Visual Treat. In the 1st pic, we can see DECEMBER 2000 on the calendar. Christmas references were shown throughout the song(Santa Claus, Stars). #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
1st pic : Monkey drawing denotes his animality.
2nd pic : At the Left side,the same location used in Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi song. From this we can understand,the locations that used in both these songs are metaphor of his mind. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
Nandhu and Sharmilee(actress) are intaking drugs.After they went to ecstasy state,she suppose to toss a coin.Coin falls near a T.V.(cartoon) It is "TAILS"(again).She hits him with a belt which reminds him his childhood abuses and he turns to an animal. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
After realizing that he has killed a wrong woman,he regrets.He explains the domination of animality in him&sets fire to the corpse.His brother identifies him. But the fire alarm triggers & he fails to catch him.Later, this scene was used in ATM movie #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
மிருகம் கொன்று மிருகம் கொன்று கடவுள் வளர்க்க பார்க்கின்றேன்;ஆனால் கடவுள் கொன்று உணவாய் தின்று மிருகம் மட்டும் வளர்கிறதே!
Breaks a wine bottle, wine flows , accidentally caught fire.
[Bottle = Animal ; Wine = Divine ; Fire = Animal's domination] #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
Flashback : Hitler Picture denotes his Father is a strict army officer. He is another representation of Hitler. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
"வாழ்க்கை என்னும் கடுங்குளிரில் ஒரே கதகதப்பு என் அம்மாவின் நினைவுகள் தான்"
"பேய்கள் நடமாடும் பிரியமில்லா காட்டில் என் தாயும் நானுமே உயிர் ஜீவிகள், உயர் ஜீவிகள்" Dialogues by #KamalHaasan 👏👏👏 #Aalavandhan
Nandhu was shaved baldly .Teased by his schoolmates. His 1st MURDER in Ooty. Allergic to Women. Aalavandhan inspired Ratchasan. The Director of Ratchasan is Ram Kumar , a Kamal Fan. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
Tattooed Snakes(single)all over the body. Snake refers Suravali(Hurricane).He is in a full rage to kill Tejaswini and to save his brother from her. And the Chase Sequence and Climax are 💥 Can't imagine how they choreographed fight sequences like these. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
After reading his diary for the 1st time, Nandhu enters his childhood in his hallucination.Tejaswini hits him with belt. He crawls and escapes from his evil aunt like a child. He changed to a child. Used in Psycho(2020) movie Pre Climax scene. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
மேலே எனது பிரதி அழைக்கிறது கீழே என்னை அச்சில் வடித்த அச்சகம்; நந்தகுமாரா நந்தகுமாரா எங்கே செல்வாய் நந்தகுமாரா? எங்கிருந்து வந்தேனோ, அங்கே.At last he was called by his mother.He tosses a coin to decide his fate.Finally,it is heads! Kills her aunt & Dies. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
Camera zooms into the blasting fire and zooms out from the scanner displaying fetal movement of Tejaswini. Doctor says that it is twins. And camera zooms into the scanner and zooms out from Nandhu's face.May denote that he is going to born again. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
Nandhu : Asks for Pardon,after committing mistakes(taught by his mother).Half closed eyes, Big Biceps,Bald head, Schizophrenic with Paranoid delusions.Sympt - Hallucinations with "Unusual beliefs".He Believed Tejaswini is the Reincarnation of his Aunt. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
Songs having animal references : Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi & reprise
Siri Siri : சிரிக்க தெரிந்த மிருகத்திற்கு மனிதன் என்று பெயர் ; சிரிக்க மறந்த மனிதருக்கு மிருகம் என்று பெயர்.
Africa Kaattu Puli : Defines Nandhu's hunt .
Lyrics by #Vairamuthu #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan
#KamalHaasan The Man believed us that we will understand and will support him.But still we didn't recognize & celebrate him.Curse of Tamil Cinema.Only he can give a content rich high budget film. #Aalavandhan #Abhay #SureshKrissna #Psycho #Ratchasan #KillBill #Quentintarantino
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