Frustrating thing about my amendments is they were really modest in the circumstances. Scotland is nowhere near being a normal European country in relation to rented housing. Propertied interests have dominated British politics - devolution has barely made a dent in this. 1/4
There are 3 things we need to do. The first is to strengthen tenants rights. Almost no country in Europe allows a family to be kicked out of their home just because the landlord wants to live in it or allows them to be kicked out because they want to run it as an AirBnB. 2/4
The 2nd is to strengthen tenants bargaining position . In Sweden, for example, the Swedish Union of Tenants has over 500,000 members. it conducts collective bargaining on their behalf with all landlords. Rents must not exceed 25% of disposable income. 3/4
The 3rd is to accelerate progress towards a human rights based approach to housing to uphold the human right to housing. So it is timely, that I will be meeting a QC in coming weeks to discuss a challenge to the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 (the Colin Brown case). 4/4
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