Today’s video-summit of the leaders of the Eurasian Economic Union unveiled discrepancies and avoided concrete discussions about solidarity/recovery measures to mitigate the effects of Covid-19. (THREAD 1/5)
1. The 5 leaders of the Eurasian Union, joined by observer state (Moldova), discussed the 2025 Eurasian Economic Integration Development Strategy. Putin openly objected against Belarus-Armenia request of “unit price for gas transit” for all EEU states.
3. Unwilling to give up from its leverage on gas pricing, Putin postponed the political bargaining by appointing the Eurasian Commission to find solutions at the technical level. Using this occasion, Putin advocated for “strengthening the role of the [Eurasian] Commission”.
4. The Covid-19 was secondary in Putin’s discourse, as Russia and other members are confronting raise of outbreak - Belarus and Armenia. Even in such worsening situation, the Eurasian leaders didn’t come up with new proposals of solidarity/recovery measures.
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