In a span of 3 hours, Op India has published 2 articles presenting Godse as a political ideologue with good intentions. Remember that Godse's sole claim to fame is murdering a 78 year old frail MK Gandhi. This site is a Far Right Hindutva Fascist murder apologist agitprop outlet.
This homophobic bigot claims "it is imperative that we lay his legacy to rest. He was not a monster or a terrorist or bigot, he was just an ordinary man whose endurance limits were breached by the unobstructed calamity around him." (2/n)
This is literally the exact same excuse White nationalists use to justify their act of terror. The Christchurch mosque shooter described himself as just "a ordinary white man" who decided to take a stand for "my people" in his manifesto.(3/n)
Read his manifesto "The Great Replacement", where he claims he's taking revenge against Muslims due to atrocities committed by them. This is not nuance. Shame on everyone calling it *Nuance*. This is Fascist glorification of a far right murderer. Thats what it is.(4/4)
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