Why is U of T attempting to handle extensions of registration with tuition fee exemptions on a case-by-case basis when this is a global pandemic that is affecting all of us? This puts pressure on students and supervisors to make a proper case via a form, additional letters.
Students have asked for collective solutions, not individuating solutions. By definition, a global pandemic touches everyone, but hits some communities harder.
An individuating approach means that those more lightly touched by the pandemic will be in the position to complete forms, ask for letters of support, advocate for themselves. Those being crushed by this pandemic and fallout would be better covered by blanket solutions
that offer relief to all students without additional hoops to jump through. This is how you keep students from taking on debt just to have incomplete degrees, derailed not by the pandemic but by insufficient responses in the aftermath.
Extend funding for everyone. No fees for anyone.
Here, I am only reiterating an argument, a call, that some OISE graduate students made in the first weeks of the shut-down. From the get-go, they anticipated that U of T would approach what comes next through individuating mechanisms. I think this critique is precisely it.
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