(Thread) We're making a big deal about Alberta's economy re-opening. Truth is, it has never been fully closed. #ableg
People have been cooking, cleaning, baking. They have been caring for others. But the economy ignores these activities, because it is usually unpaid work, typically done by women. #ableg
People have been making music, writing, photographing. They have been posting and sharing their work. But the economy ignores them, because this is the realm of artists, whose work is not valued by a government that keeps cutting grants and funding. #ableg
People have been teaching and learning. But our economy does not value teachers and educational professionals, as their positions get cut when they are most needed, especially educational assistants who aid vulnerable students. #ableg
People have been working full-time so that those who are more privileged can stay at home. Just a short time ago, some said these very same people did not deserve a raise in minimum wage to $15, but are now considered "essential," "front-line workers," and even "heroes." #ableg
In truth, people who are risking their health (their lives, even) to work in groceries, restaurants, convenience stores, and other such places are victims of the economy. #ableg
There are many more things that we have been doing to keep the world turning, to keep ourselves busy, and to make the world a better place. But these don't register in an economy based only on wages and profits. Our economy is exploitation. #ableg
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