We attended the @the_iPHA press conference on Building the Future - #Sustainably! with Prof Dr Wolfgang Feist.

Here is the thread of the event from our side ⬇️
"We have achieved significant developments in improving #EnergyEfficiency and reducing overall consumption of primary energy in the past 3⃣0⃣ years. (see the figures)

It is important to recognize this success and that we positively to communicate about it!"
On the Incorporation of #Renewable energy production in buildings:
"As seasonal energy storage solutions for bridging the gap of winter demand are very expensive, buildings need to remain connected to the grid to reduce the energy demand as much as possible"
By incorporating #sustainable materials, we can solve another part of the problem of the building industry:

An example is the @ecocoon certified straw PH construction system – this can save another 30% of the remaining energy demand (from the production and construction phases).
Passive Houses are not only #sustainable, they are also affordable!

"The availability of suitable and affordable PH components has increased exponentially!"
"With the #COVID19 crisis, there is a rise in the attention to hygiene-ventilation in the buildings. This has been a concern in the PH standard from the beginning: to keep people comfortable and healthy! Through sufficient and fresh air ventilation, together with airtightness."
What about the extra cost for PH construction? "In New Zealand 🇳🇿, 15% more than the standard is advertised."

"In Germany 🇩🇪, the starting point was 15% 20 years ago. Today we are in a range of 3% to 8% extra costs - We although also have examples with any extra costs!"
We ask how EPBD has contributed to achieving #EnergyEfficiency.

"Every nation has done its own calculation tools under influence of lobbies, results are not comparable nor reliable. Successful implementation examples are however there: 🇱🇺,🇩🇰,🇸🇪🇩🇪 is decades behind."
We ask how the EnerPHit standard can help tackling the challenge of the #renovation of the EU building stock?

"Research (like http://europhit.eu ) has shown, with measurements!, that 70 to 80% of energy consumption can be reduced using the EnerPHit approach – big potential!"
We ask what are the expectations for the #EUGreenDeal to promote PH?

"It is a very engaged development; the Commission seems to have realized the immense potential of growth in the "sustainability sector". In this way we can transform our societies. This is a big chance for 🇪🇺!"
What role can play Passive House in the economic recovery?
" #EnergyEfficiency business in the building sector can be started or upgraded easily. What is needed is the know-how and skills training is easy to achieve! We know from our experience implementing Passive House in China"
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