i'm not serious very often on here but here goes. i live in europe. throughout my entire life america has been branded as a magical place. it was often reffered to as the 'land of the free and dreams'. i don't know a single child who didn't wish to live in america and one point
(cont.) all the media ever showed us of america was the funfairs, and the cool shops and the famous people and new york. we never saw anything else. occasionally the stock market would be in this newspaper but that meant nothing to us. america was this far-away wonderland where
(cont.) nobody was ever hurt or upset. i would think of the occasional sta**ings here and think how rare that must be in america. i would think of the mediocre mental health support here and think how incredible it must be in america. because we never knew. but the truth?
(cont.) the truth is that america is not like that. we just never knew. in 2017 39,773 people died from guns. still no law banned them or controlled them. the snadyhook sh**ting killed 26 people. 20 of those were children aged 6-7. imagine being 6 and going to school fearing
(cont.) for your life. because that is america. in america 46.4% of adults will experience a mental disorder at somepoint in their life. the number one mental illness in america is anxiety, yet only 36.9% of americans suffering from it actually recieve help. that is america.
(cont.) on average there are 123 su*cides a day in america. around 1 in 1000 black males will d*e from the police. this is 2.5x more likely than white males. latino males, black females and native americans are all more likely to be ki**ed by the police that white people.
more black males in america d*e of police brutality than they do of diabetes, pnuemonia a year. it is almost on the same level as the deaths of cancer. this is america. there are over 1,000 known hate groups for lgbtq+ members in america. 19% of all hate crimes in america are
(conts.) because of a persons sexual orientation. members of the lgbtq+ community are the most targeted minority in america (according to statistics) even above african-america males (see above). this is america. 42% of women *reported* having been sexually discriminated in the
(cont.) workplace. currently for every $1 a man earns, a woman earns 79-81 cents. this is america. 20% of all women in america have been raped at some point in their lives. 4.8% of all men in america have been raped at some point in their lives. this is america.
(cont.) america was always the dream. the best country on earth. yet these statistics say otherwise. americans wonder why the rest of the world is starting to dislike and mistrust their country and their people. this is why.
(all statistics were found in reliable sources)
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