THREAD: U.S. voters living abroad can help #FlattenTheCurve on voting by registering to vote and requesting their ballots NOW. Here’s why (1/6)
(3/6) Most voters aren’t focused on the election now, but many will want to #VoteByMail in Nov. Many won't know their rights or how to get a ballot if they’re entitled. They might flood LEOs with requests in Sept and Oct, creating a massive last-minute spike
(4/6) US voters who live abroad can help avert election disaster and help #FlattenTheCurve on voting. They already have the right to #VoteByMail, and can easily register to vote and request a ballot at 
(5/6) By requesting a ballot NOW, US voters abroad can spread out the work of LEOs through the summer months - making it easier for them to deal with requests from new #VoteByMail voters in the fall
(6/6) That’s a win for voters, local election officials and #democracy - especially if US voters abroad ask to receive their ballot via email. See the envelope shortage issue above!
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