My Eurovision 2020 top ten but as benches from their country - A thread
Move by the Mamas as this bench in Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden
Uno by Little Big as this bench in Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia
Hasta La Vista by Hurricane as these benches in Uzice, Serbia
Violent Thing by Ben Dolic as this bench in Grosser Burgberg, Bad Harzburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
Cleopatra by Efendi as that bench over there between the stairs at Dagustu Park, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tears Getting Sober by Victoria as the bench that Victoria is sitting on in the Tears Getting Sober music video (idk if it's in Bulgaria but Victoria is Bulgarian so the chair is now too)
Alcohol You by Roxen as this bench in Bucharest, Romania (idk if there's space to sit though)
Solovey by Go_A as this bench in Kiev, Ukraine. (my favorite so far)
Da Vidna by VAL as this bench somewhere in Belarus
and finally the winner of Eurovision 2020 (or at least to me), YES by Ben and Tan as this bench in Copenhagen, Denmark
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