OMG! @carolecadwalla are you watching Qs in parliament about @ElectoralCommUK? @peterjukes
BRILLIANT @KevinBrenman criticises member for Wellingborough's 'intimidation' of the EC (doing important work about digital campaigning)! He says @PeterBone last week said EC was:
"arrogant, incompetent, politically corrupt, totally biased, morally bankrupt" because they had the nerve to enforce the Law and fine Vote Leave £61,000. ..Wd the c'ttee agree that to try to intimidate an independent Electoral Body in this way is more in the tradition of.....2/
the politicians of Zimbabwee than Britain?"
Commissioner @ChrisM4Chester replies: "...I wd suggest .the track record of @ElectoralCommUK is one that does NOT bare perhaps some of the description that he just repeated! In the last 5 yrs it has carried out approx 500...3/
investigations into a variety of offences only 5 have been challenged in the courts, and only one upheld".
OMG! Vote Leave cabal trying to cover up & is dangerous & hypocritical of them to suggest referral of EC to PACAC, when eg Cummings in contempt of parliament!😜😭
@ChrisM4Chester is on Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission ..& reported committee's recent assessment was satisfied eg with EC's effective discharge of its functions.
Now this:
Now this.. 😱
Remember - Canadian Parliament scrutinised AIQ & Vote Leave data scandal, not UK parliament! Cummings found in contempt for not facing scrutiny c'ttee.
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