@msamymacpherson 1. Note posts 3-12. The closest virus to SARS CoV 2 was discovered in 2013 after a cluster of bat guano miners got sick with pneumonia. https://twitter.com/luigi_warren/status/1259828337876168707?s=19
2. The frequency of bat guano miners getting pneumonia may explain WHO's casual acceptance of China's asssertion of "no clear evidence" of human-to-human transmission. They were accustomed to putting workers at coronavorus risk of pneumonia.
3. If they considered corona viruses an isolated job hazard that could be easily mitigated with masks, they might have been blinkered to the real risks of teansmission to the population at large. They would have had an industrial culture of downplaying transmission risks.
4. This would explain the untenable news item that got me started on this Jan 26: a fake admission from China that the virus had exhibited a "change in transmissibility". No change had occurred. It was admission that an isolated job site hazard was actually a global health risk.
5. NB. This thread was started 4 days after research by @MsAmyMacPherson was published, and 3 days vefore Terry Glavin published his idle speculation about Chinese Traditional Medicine.

If coronavirus had its start in workplace silence over transmission risks, it's still true.
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