Where are the black heterosexual men supported by the DNC? Please don’t tell me Andrew Gillum or that other guy out of Chicago.
They same thing that transpired in Politics happened in Corporate America, Hollywood and Media. Black heterosexual men are dwindling in all spaces of influence. Somehow, diversity doesn’t include us. If you’re a black man waiting for a “chance” you better be prepared to take one.
The undermining of black manhood is deliberate and by design. Our community is a matriarchy as a result and lagging behind all other in positive metrics. Black men are reduced to victims to be championed by anyone but a black man. Our bodies are stepping stones for others.
Is anyone surprised a black woman was appointed prosecutor in the Ahmaud Arbery killing? She’s also reportedly a Republican so the strategy has no political preference. On the surface this seems immaterial but it’s just further latent reinforcement of black male ineffectiveness.
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