The CIA had quite a bit to say back in September 1978 in a report titled "The Royal Family Jewels"
According to the report, The House already owned hundreds and thousands of acres as well as interests in coffee plantations and ruby mines.
On the ruby mines angle, the Washington Post in 1987 had the story of a 1974 grand ripoff involving the first lady and two American miners, John Saul and Eliot White Miller, working ruby mines in Tsavo West
But it wasn't just rubies that were leaving the Tsavo.

The New Scientist in 1975 reported that 10K-20K elephants were being slaughtered in Kenya, with the trade bringing in $10mn a year. The publication also made reference to a couple of "Ivory Queens"
At the time, the Game Dept (now KWS) was involved in the slaughter

In 1973 and 1974, according to The Sunday Times, the Game Department “expended heavy ammunition at such a rate that it was forced to scour the Nairobi gunsmiths for fresh supplies.”
The CIA also mentions involvement in charcoal as well as the holding of an export license for 1,250 baby elephant tusks by our aforementioned queens.
And there's more

One of the companies owned by a member of the The House was Inchcape, owned by Peter Muigai Kenyatta and which held the Ford concession in Kenya.

Not sure if it's the same Inchcape that now owns the BMW franchise in Kenya
Wikileaks has a list of land holdings in acres:

52k Nakuru
50k Taita
29k Kahawa Sukari
24k Taveta
20k Gichea Farm
12k Naivasha
10k Naivasha
10k Rumuruti
9k Kasarani
5k Thika
5k Muthaita Farm
5k Eldoret
4K Gicheha Farm
3k in Rongai
1k Dagoretti
Amongst these holdings is Gicheha ranch in Naivasha, a favourite of Uhuru Kenyatta.

The more than 4,000-acre Gicheha Farm hosts some 1,000 animals, a majority of them imported from South Africa.
Uhuru's sister, Nyokabi Muthama runs Manda Orchids, which she described thus:

“We only grow our orchids on three acres, but that still makes us the largest commercial orchid growers in all of East and Central Africa,” Nyokabi added.
In hospitality, The House owns Heritage Hotels which offers 7 properties in 3 different brands:

-Voyager Resort in Mombasa and Tsavo
-Intrepids camps in Samburu and Maasai Mara
-Great Rift Valley lodge
-Mara Explorer Camp
Kipungani Explorer in Lamu 
Y'all love that smooth silky, Brookside goodness, right?

Owned 50% by The House with Danone and the former Abraaj owning 50%

Abraaj paid $18.7mn for a 10% stake in 2009 putting the total valuation at Sh18bn ($187mn) at the time

Market share: 40%
In media, The House owns Mediamax which they acquired from Rose Kimotho. Mediamax owns The People, Tv stations (Kameme and K24) Radio stations- Emoo FM, Milele FM, Kameme FM, Msenangu and Meru FM.

Rumours of a sale remain unconfirmed
David Ndii also lists a number of companies on his article on Crony Capitalism including:

Koto Housing, associated with Uhuru’s sister and specialising in expanded polysterene (EPS) modular construction technology was cashing in on police housing.
All these family jewels are however dwarfed by the sheer size and audacity of Northlands City, which aims to build a residential, agricultural and industrial metropolis on The House's land near Ruiru.
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