Half a million impressions in 25 Days...

+ 5 Followers from 700
+ Almost 200 Email Subscribers
+ $400+ in Pre-Orders

Also... be on the lookout later today..

—-> I’m breaking the internet.. AGAIN 🔥👀



Tip #1 - Put a CTA in your Twitter Name 🔥

—> How do you gain followers?

= From people clicking on your profile...


If I left my name as “The Giver”

-> Do you think people would be more interested, or less interested in me than “The Giver - MAKE BANK SELLING FREE SITES”
For example:

This tweet only got 3,300 impressions..

—> But 99 people clicked over to my profile!


**Putting a Call-to-Action in your name will show EVERYBODY what your account is about...

... before they even read your bio

⭐️ It’s a great tip that I don’t see people use..
Tip #2 - Be Unique... Everywhere!! 🧬

—> Your bio, the DMs, your tweets, your comments... everything!

Don’t be another “I help people escape their 9-5’s”


“I make money online and teach you to do the same” guy..
When I see this..

—> It almost gives me a HEADACHE!

Be more specific.. tell me how, or through what source..


**Be funny, and interesting in your tweets and the DMs..

-> Twitter is conversations, and people love when you have a personality...

Tip #3 - Growth Groups 🤝

-> Otherwise known as “Engagement Groups”...

These things are KEY 🔑 to getting started...


** Soon I’ll be making a thread on “How to do them the right way”...

But let me summarize it 👇
In order to grow..

—> You need to have interesting, engaging, valuable content...

* But more importantly than that..

You need to get eyes 👀 on the content...


Hence the importance of a growth group 📈
If you’re a baby account just getting started..

—> Get some tweets under your belt, engage with some folks...

And then DM some people you’d like to start a group with..


(Some people may have a group that you can join, some may be open to forming one with you)...


After you’ve rounded up a team..

—> The goal is to engage with each other’s content (rules vary)

And do what you can to help each other grow..


My growth family has an amazing structure and we KILL 👊 it..

** But more on groups later 😎
Tip #4 - “Celebrity Bait” 🎤📸

—> Can anyone guess what I mean by this?



-> Now I make this sound a lot worse than it actually is..

But one of the quickest ways to get THOUSANDS of eyes on your profile is to get RT’d or shouted out by a big player in your niche.
Can you name anybody?

-> I know you can..


+But how do you get them to RT You?

+How can you use their audience to benefit you?

Well... there are a few ways:

1.) Support
2.) Relatability


—> What do I mean by this?

The support I’m talking about here is relating to tweets that “support” what the “celebrity” is already talking about...

*Now.. because they don’t follow you.. you’ll need to quote RT them with your “supporting message”..

Say something that validates their point, but also adds value to it..

—> This is important because it not only makes them even more credible, but because you added more value 💎 ...

... they’ll want to put that in front of their audience as well 👀

So they RT you because it benefits them, AND you...

—> You won’t get RT’d if you don’t help them in some way ❌



And a little disclaimer about that...

** Do NOT be untruthful when doing this.. stay true to your account, and make sure it’s something you believe in too ✅

—> You SHOULD know about this already..


But for example..

When I say @CJ_Johnson17th ... what are some things that come to mind??

- Fiji Water
- Money
- Gumroad
- Tesla

Things like that...

These items have become “part” of Chris’s brand..

—> And by YOU mentioning those things in your content.. he’s more likely to RT it

(because he knows it’s part of his brand, and his audience knows that as well)


For example, CJ RT’d this:

4K impressions 💥
In short..

+ Be Interesting
+ Add Value
+ Know what they’re all about..

... but most importantly..

——> Become an ASSET to them 🤝

(they may even follow you back 😉)
Tip #5 - Know your Analytics 🧮

I covered this a little bit yesterday..

-> Goto https://analytics.twitter.com 

-> Look at your tweets

-> See which get the most engagement/impressions

—-> And start doing more of that!


My favorite 👇
I noticed that when I ask a question in my tweet..

.. that people rarely get to speak about..

—> They are more willing to give their input 👍


(how often to people get asked about their children on twitter?)

—> Got plenty of replies from people who don’t follow me
Tip #6 - YOU 🤏 (yes, you)

... Oh man

... Let me give you the only copywriting tip you’ll ever need ⬇️


-—-> Talk about OTHERS
-—> Add value to OTHERS
—> More importantly, use the word “YOU” in your tweets...

“You” is the most retweeted word on Twitter 🔁


... because people LOVE being talked about..

They LOVE ❤️ talking about themselves..

—> What sounds better to you?

1.) I’m great!
2.) You’re great!


Using “you” will help you make more aff sales, get more engagement, and overall more followers ✅
Tip #7 - Value Tweets 💎

-> This one is simple...

Tweet content that people are happy to see...

—-> Never thought about using analytics or “celebrity bait” to grow your account?

That’s VALUE 🔥


Tweet info that people can actually use to improve...

I’d rather be hit in the head with a hammer...

... than follow another account that tweets about “doing the work”

*Those tweets are fine 👌 if you are putting out actionable stuff as well..

—> But don’t tell me to “put in the work” if you’re putting out garbage 🗑
Tip #8 - DMs 📩

—> If you’re just starting out (or really sub 2,000 followers)

I recommend forming a connection with new followers as they come in 👋


You don’t need to do this with each one (we get some weird ones, I know)

** But do it right 👇
@CryptoSheen__ followed me yesterday and this is how I responded...

—-> I kept it short, honest, and.. listen to this... HAD A PERSONALITY 😆


Sheen taught me some things, we had a really nice conversation, and a great connection was made..

**Keep it honest 👍
Tip #9 - Steal the Show 🎩

* One of the best way to get new followers?

——> Making your comments better than the creator’s Tweet.


How many people see your tweets on average? 100? 300? 2000?

.. 👇
Now imagine those people saw your tweet and also saw the first comment underneath.. 🤔

.. and this comment was 10X better than what you actually tweeted 😳

—> Your audience, may skip engaging with you, check out the person who commented..

.. and that person took your mojo! 🤯
But what if this was you?...

—> What if YOU commented under all the tweets you see..

.. and you just go on a Value-Rampage 💥🔥


You will then have access to an audience that does not yet follow you.. but will soon become super-fans 🏆

Because they like what they saw ✅
Tip #10 - Treat others the way YOU want to be Treated 🤝

—> This is the #1 Rule I use to run my group..


If you want RT’s, Likes, and Comments..

—> You better be ready to RT, Like, and Comment on everybody else’s‼️

If you’re the guy who only “Likes” people’s tweets..

.. and never ❌ offers any value..

—> Here’s a message from all of us:



-> We all notice who interacts with us and who ignores us..

It’s statistically proven that the more you RT, the more you get
Tip #11 - Follower-Following Ratio 👥

——> This one is simple..

If you’re following 30 people.. and you want to grow..



Follow enough high-quality people so you can engage with enough high-quality content 📌
Tip #12 - Formatting 🗒

—> Stop typing in chunks
—-> Space your stuff out
-> Use arrows, dots, plus’s, whatever...


But even simple “press enter twice” tweets are getting repetitive..

—> I separate my text as much as possible because our attention span SUCKS! 👎

The more “linear” your tweets look...

—> The easier they are to pass up and ignore..


**If you go through my profile, you’ll notice every single tweet is formatted similar to this..


I take up space, I space things out, and then I put value inside 😎👍

➡️ Try it!
Tip #13 - Best Moments 🎈

.. As you grow,

You get more followers (duh)...

—> Every now and then, RT your best tweets for your new followers to see 🥇


They worked before; they’ll work for the new people..
@hypefury will automatically do this for you..

I haven’t started using them, but as I grow, I will for sure..

—> Great feature.

(now let’s continue)
Tip #14 - Consistency 🚀

- Just show up every day.


Force people to become familiar with you and your profile pic..

Eventually, they’ll check you out 👍
Tip #15 - Understand what people like 🔵

I don’t know the exact statistics..

—> But Lists, “Top 10’s”, and Stories..

* Will be some of your top-performing tweets..


We relate to stories and lists are easy to read..

Use them OFTEN 🟠
Tip #16 - Are you who you say you are? 🧐

—> Be genuine 🧽

* I’ve gotten a few DMs now saying how they appreciate that I:

Mix jokes, fun, and personal experiences in with the value I put out 💥


It’s EASY to sniff out the bullshitters 🤥
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