Be it #Turkish support to #Pakistan when it comes to the Kashmir dispute or other international issues, #Pakistanis are well aware of the fact that, #Turkey goes out of its way to stand by #Pakistan.

But to understand this bond of brotherhood, and how it developed over a period of a 100 years we need to take a deeper look at the instances in our own history, when #Pakistanis as a people went out of our way to stand by the #Turks.

It is important that our younger generations must never be allowed to forget these golden deeds, which keep on bringing our way, the love & deference of our #Turkish brothers.

To serve this purpose, let's take a deeper view into origins of the #Turkey #Pakistan Brotherhood.

In order to understand these bonds of brotherhood, we need to look at the historical context of this relationship, going all the way back to 1683 when #Ottoman, #Persian & the #Mughal empires were the three dominant #Islamic as well as #Turkic empires in the world.

Then, both #Ottoman as well as the #Mughal empires faced decline during same periods in history.

Not as a result of a single defeat to hostile powers, but as a result of a gradual decay forced by a series of intermittent wars & treaties with the western colonial powers.

It is this shared feeling of a loss of political power by #Islamic empires to encroaching colonialism of western powers, that gave rise to the Khilafat Movement among the #muslims of #British #India, to help the #Ottomans survive first the #Balkan War, then the Great War.

Then I have traced the continued financial & moral support by the ancestors of the people of #Pakistan to help the #Turks resist western hegemony from the Balkan Wars, to the Treaty of Sevres, to the #Turkish War of Independence & eventually to the Treaty of Lausanne.

I have tried to help explain, the apparent contradictions & misconceived notions we have in #Pakistan regarding the #Khilafat Movement’s goal of preserving the institution of #Khilafat & #Turkish War of Independence, especially when both of them clashed after WW1 ended.

Then I have also delved into details of how the poetry of #AllamaIqbal the national poet of Pakistan and his poetic love for the #Turks as a brave people, has been responsible for greatly deepening the cultural bonds between the people of #Pakistan & #Turkey.

Then, I’ve also provided details on how generous cash and gold donations received from the ancestors of the people of #Pakistan, helped in the establishment of first financial institutions of the #Turkish Republic.

‘Turkiye Is Bankasi'
‘Anadolu Sigorta.'

Another important episode that’s not very well known in #Pakistan, is the #Pakistani diplomatic, political & military support for the #Turkish Republic during the Northern Cyprus Crisis in 1974.

This bold move by #Pakistan further deepened our brotherly ties.

Another reason for endearment of #Pakistan to the #Turkish people has been our extraordinary assistance to the state of #Azerbaijan
& the consistent diplomatic, political & even military support that Pakistan provided them in the dispute of Nagorno-Karabakh against #Armenia.

I’ve also mentioned another key historical event that has earned enormous respect for #Pakistan among the #Turks.

That is how #Pakistan went all out to help the #Bosnians resist a genocidal Serb aggression during the Yugoslavian Civil War.

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