This year, I have an event @hayfestival. 📚🧡💜💛
Last year, I was on their Writers at Work programme with this lovely lot👇THREAD
You should follow them all because they are brilliant.
TY @tiffanymurray @PeterFlorence @hayfestival @LitWales @Arts_Wales
Hay Writers at Work project is led by the brilliant @tiffanymurray writer of Diamond Star Halo, Happy Accidents, Sugar Hall.
Follow Mari 👉 @mariiellis Writer | Runner | Dog lover | Siarad Cymraeg | #WBOTY2019 Shortlistee | PhD @AberEnglishDept 
Check out Rhiannon Hooson's work here - 
Follow Janine Barnett-Phillips @WritersCwtch
Writer. Educator. Director of Writers’ Cwtch. Represented by @TBP_agency. Head of Learning @Rewise_Learning
👉 She has a brilliant YA novel on the way!
You can follow Georgia Carys Williams @GeorgiaCarys
Dr of creative writing, writer for wellbeing, @LitWales bursary '19, Mslexia Novel Comp '17. Short story collection Second-hand Rain 
You can follow Wendy White here 👉 @Wendy_J_White
MAMGU'S CAMPERVAN @GwasgGomerPress; Tir nan-Og '14.
She writes for adults as Sara Gethin
Rep'd by @lucyirvine93 @PFDAgents 
Follow Dyfan here 👉 @DyfanLewis Dyfan writes in a variety of genres. His current project is a collection of essays based on his time travelling in South-east Asia.
You can follow Jane Fraser here 👉 @jfraserwriter
Debut short fiction collection The South Westerlies
@saltpublishing 2019. Debut novel Advent @honno
coming January 2021. Rep'd by @ggbower @sheilland. PhD CW. 
You can follow Hanan Issa here 👉 @Hananiscreative Writer. Poet. Unicorn Enthusiast. Co-founder @WICFCardiff Debut pamphlet “My Body Can House Two Hearts” @BurningEyeBooks 
You can follow Darren Chetty here 👉 @rapclassroom
Teaching, Writing, Researching. Columnist for
@BooksForKeeps Agent: @rachelphilippa 
Follow Elan Grug Muse 👉 @Elan_Grug
golygydd @ystampus, Welsh (plural) a #blodeugerdd2020 // awdur 'ar ddisberod' // myfyriwr ymchwil
editor @ystampus, Welsh (plural) a #blodeugerdd2020// author 'on the loose' // research student 
You can follow Samantha O'Rourke here 👉 @SamORourk3
feminist, playwright, northerner. former writer on attachment @LivEveryPlay currently working on Jelly
@FfilmCymruWales dysgwr cymraeg she/her
Gareth Evans Jones is here 👉 @GEvansJones
Darlithydd Astudiaethau Crefyddol ym
/ Lecturer in Religious Studies at
Nofel / Novel: #EiraLlwyd
Drama / Play: #adarpapur
Follow Emily Vanderploeg 👉 @dippy_dumpling
writer / educator / dumpling enthusiast
/ Poetry pamphlet "Loose Jewels" (Cinnamon Press) 2020.
Canada - Cymru - Magyarország 
You can follow Morgan Owen here 👉 @morgowen
Bardd, darllenwr, crwydryn.
Poet, reader, wanderer.
Follow Eric ngalle Charles here 👉 @yomadene
Author.  Postgraduate Swansea University
You can follow Julie Primon here 👉 @JuliePrimon A French native, Julie is working on a historical novel set in 1940s Italy, loosely based on her grandmother's own story. In her spare time, she occasionally writes poems and short stories, and she enjoys discovering new places.
Meg Ellis is a freelance translator and writer, who graduated in Welsh from Bangor in 1972 and obtained a doctorate in Creative Writing from Bangor, 2017. She is the author of 3 novels, 1 volume of short stories and is a regular contributor /reviewer to Welsh press.
Follow Rufus Mufasa here 👉 @rufusmufasa Hip Hop | Hope | Heritage Barbican Fellow '15-'17
Poet in Residence
Flashbacks & Flowers OUT2020
You can follow Sara Gethin here 👉 @SGethinWriter
Loves Ireland almost as much as Wales; writing for adults as Sara, writing for children as
Rep'd by
@lucyirvine93 @PFDAgents
You can follow Louise Walsh here 👉 @LouJaneWalsh1
Louise is a novelist and former amateur boxer. She lives in Cardiff where she is currently working on a crime novel.
You can follow @Eloisejwilliams.
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