Do you like Pierce Brosnan? Good.

Let's play a game...
The aim of the game is simple.

Below are some Pierce Brosnan movie posters. Simply spot the real ones form the fake ones.

Because while you might be familiar with Pierce Brosnan's excellent work in James Bond and Mamma Mia...

His early quite regrettable.
Frankly shocking.

So bear this in mind before you spit out your morning coffee/nightly cocktail.
Are you ready to begin Brosnan fan?
First up we have LIVE WIRE

Real or Fake?
Second we have NIGHT WATCH

Third on our list is BOOM-MAN

Real of Faaaaaake???

Real McCoy? Or a fabrication?
Fifth is here and it's a change of direction for Brosnan. It's...NOMADS

Is it real? Or is it a fraud?
Sixth on our list is a personal favourite. Its THE CHIEF

Real or fake?
At seven we have a poster without Brosnan's beautiful face. Its DOCTOR LUNATIC

Real? Or fake?
We're still in spooky Brosnan for number eight it's MURDER 101

Is the DVD logo real? Or am I just that fastidious?
Real or fake, Brosnan fan?
At nine we have a period drama. And Pierce is looking fiiiiiiine (when is he not?)

Is it real though?
Real or fake?
And finally, at ten. There's no introduction necessary for...DEATH TRAIN.

Real or fake, Brosnan fan?
I will give you a day or so to think. To let this game slowly break you. You'll find it wears down your faculties until you're not sure if cats exist in this reality anymore.

This is Brosnan's world and we're all just living in it...
going "Fuck off! He was in THAT?"
A point of order.

All real posters and their taglines are 100% real. I found them on IMDb. I haven't embellished a thing.

And yes, all fake ones are my greatest creation. I'll never surpass this.

Good luck Brosnan fans! I will return to put you out of your misery soon.
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