a thread on similarities of BNY and Mewgulf just cause im invested in both couples and find them both incredibly tooth-rotting sweet
BNY (bothnewyear) is a thai couple and theyve been together for 8 years now!! they both have similar dynamic as mewgulf and they both have considerably huge /similar age gap

Gulf - Dec 1997 -> Mew - Feb 1991 (6yrs)
NY - Jan 1995 -> Both Feb 1988
Its actually quite surprising to know both Mew and Both’s birthday falls around the same month and theyre both pisces (thank you boyfriends for surprising them on their bdays)

Mew - 21 Feb 1991
Both - 29 Feb 1988
Mew and Both are crazy smart !! Both is a dentist and made his own dental clinic, Mew is an industrial engineer student ongoing his phd and just built his own entertainment studio

Mew and Both went to the same Chulalongkorn University
Not only are they pisces, smart and have their own companies they also have the cutest babies ????
Said babies are these two who are also pretty similar in some ways
Gulf uses 🐼 for Mew
NY uses 🐻 for Both

gulf calls mew daddy (?????) and newyear calls both papa (why? ??? we do not know)

anyways pisces papa bears
The story of how bny met was p cute ny wanted to try macaroons and b was like i can drive you there but he took the longest route so he can be with ny longer -
samd w gulf asking mew to pick him up from internships and take him to food
we love cardates and desginated drivers
this is mind boggling but they have their lil furbabies and theyre even the same poms

BNY has babyblue and lil brown
MG (or mew) has chopper
speaking of families they have met each others families!! with bny their parents are approving and so are mg’s

we love supportive parents!!
sweet sweet facetimes before sleep and goodnight kisses 😘
because of the age gap they also refer to themselves as pi nong (note that even when theyre in a relationship they still call each other pi nong) also spoiling the other like crazy hahahah
this was bny’s initial dates i think ny gets surprise flowers from b and really treasures them similarly gulf gets bouquets from mew too and there was a video of him not letting one of the bouquet go even when event was over 💐💐
B loves teasing NY and its really funny to watch cause its so similar to how MG would tease each other
another thing is how much B loves NY and how cute he thinks he is which is so similar to how m gushes abt g and thinks g is so cute too they both have the same dynamic 😂
these are only several trends i see from both couples!! they are both adorable and deserve support <3 of course this isnt insinuating that mg should be like bny but they do share similar dynamics that i found really cute ❤️❤️ i do hope they meet sometime!
and if people are wondering if this is from a fetish standpoint its not i assure you i do not fetishize gay relationships as I am biace myself. I know firsthand how hard it is to be accepted in a conservative society, whatever they are to each other i wish them the best 🥰

both ny and gulf are, ....very simple people😂😂😂
and lastly 🤦🏻‍♀️ https://twitter.com/nuoyist/status/1262667328510181381
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