ah forget it, hydroxychloroquine is more of a Shelbyville idea
not on your life my comorbid friend https://twitter.com/oodja/status/1262543835143471105
Obama gave us defective swabs https://twitter.com/BNiederer/status/1262544977575510017
sorry grandpa, we must reopen https://twitter.com/EthVau/status/1262546718056501248
ask China, sir, I stopped their travel https://twitter.com/kjvellturo/status/1262547169913065472
Borrow from your pension, now let's bomb Iran! https://twitter.com/BNiederer/status/1262551009127211009
I swear it's America's only choice
Now throw off your masks and raise your voice



This blew up. Stay home, have your third beer of the evening. Yes, whiskey counts as beer.
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