2/ More details into #Uyghurs #history. Historians have proven they came from the Huihe Empire which had deep ties with Han-Chinese since ancient times. They were never the original inhabitants of #Xinjiang, but modern day #Mongolia
3/ The Huihe Empire worked with Tang Dynasty to fight against the East Turkestan Empire many times. Eventually Huihe fell when Tang was weakened & the East Turkics persecuted the Huihe people & forced them to convert to Islam. This video has English subs:
8/ What about the Re-education Camps & Vocational Camps? It was part of #China's plan to combat #Terrorism, also another fact you're not being told:
9/ Who are the ETIM? East Turkestan Islamic Movement, was listed by UN as a #Terrorists Group in 2002. Evidence found suggests they're in deep ties with Al Qaeda. They've changed their names many times, currently based in Turkey.
10/ ETIM abducted children from #Xinjiang, radicalized & trained them to carry out #terrorist attacks against #China:
11/ ETIM occupied #Xinjiang once during #WW2 in 1930s. They were defeated & driven out again by #China in 1940s. The Turkics have been claiming it to be an illegal occupation by the #Chinese ever since.
12/ Here's what #China has been doing for the #Uyghurs & many minority groups in #Xinjiang, #Poverty stricken communities throughout the vast region had no means to acquire jobs to sustain their lives. Poverty Alleviation has been China's focus:
13/ More Poverty Alleviation helping the people locked in #Poverty to relocate:
14/ China has helped many #Uyghurs to learn a trade. People in remote areas are given fertile lands & taught how to farm:
15/ Here's one Vocational Training School where they learn fish farming. It's paid training with free lodging & food:
16/ This is the real #Xinjiang the Western media won't show you:
17/ The Capital of #Xinjiang Province, Urumqi:
18/ #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang can freely dance to their own music, sing in their own language without hindrance contrary to common misconception:
19/ The real #Xinjiang & its preserved #Uyghur cultural heritage:
20/ The Holy Month of Ramadan in #Xinjiang:
21/ Uyghur who graduated from a Vocational Training School described how the radicalized indoctrination banned women from wearing makeups, dress how they like & forced their women to stay home. Men treated women as subjects:
22/ An #Uyghur private #vlogger documenting her high school graduation ceremony & stage dance:
23/ Uyghur wedding party:
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