The savior in this class war will not be a former president living in a Martha’s Vineyard castle & his aides who are now spokespeople for employers like Amazon & McDonalds that are waging said class war. I dont care how much nostalgia you have, Dem Party royalty will not save us.
Most of the primary was spent lauding the honor of a frontrunner who vilified Medicare for All & wrote a bankruptcy bill that’ll crush millions. His opponents largely went mute out of a bizarre notion of respect. This is not yet a party that is serious about stopping a class war.
I don’t know what to “do.” I don’t have answers. The political class is absolutely comfortable with oligarchy. It’s what they want, and they have the entire corporate class behind them. It will take decades to fix. But pretending we’re not FUBAR is the surest way to never fix it.
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