Energy and Emissions Reductions Minister #AngusTaylor quietly commissioned fossil fuel executive Grant King to review gov climate policy

Its out and its worrying

It help polluters with quicker, cheaper, easier reductions at climate's and taxpayer's expense.

King calls for the limited climate funding (only $2b over 10yrs vs 100 times that spent on #covid19) to go to Carbon Capture and Storage

The gov has already spent $1.3b on CCS with nothing to show for it, see @TheAusInstitute report

Yep clean coal 2.0
On @RNBreakfast with @SabraLane, Minister Angus Taylor is talking "technology not taxes" by using taxes to pay for useless clean coal technology

He is claiming CCS is widely accepted.... as a failure and it is not broadly used. It has broadly failed.
Minister Taylor's defense of Carbon Capture and Storage is that its not new, the oil industry has been using!

Yes for Enhanced Oil Recovery!

For storage, CCS has failed massively! Every international CCS target has failed - see @TheAusInstitute report
Blown away that @AngusTaylorMP on @RNBreakfast can blatantly side stepped the Climate Change Authority, built to review climate policies in Australia, and currently doing just that and instead got a fossil fuel executive and corporate lobbyist to conduct a secret review!
Australians should be worried we don't have a climate and energy policy!

And loudly calling for a stimulus package that unites the pandemic response with climate action, like so many other developed countries (New Zealand, South Korean, Germany, Denmark...)

Finally if you are keen on more fossil fuelled jiggery pokery check out @TheAusInstitute freshly baked podcast on @AngusTaylorMP's gas fired back fire with me and @ebony_bennett #auspol
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