1) This is my #Qanon thread for May 18, 2020

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My Theme: Week 3 - You Are Here
2) Q posted a link to an interview Maria Bartiromo did with POTUS about #Obamagate
3) Q gave us a weekly calendar of events pertaining to the declassification of documents related to the surveillance of General Flynn.

It appears more documents will be declassified this week

(I interpret CLAS 1-99 as meaning "Classified at this time.")

4) The 10 weeks of DECLAS will run through July 11th.
5) Calendar version.
6) Q posted a link to a declassified document that discusses the potential threats to national security caused by Edward Snowden's leak of stolen NSA documents.

Q drew our attention to pages 20-23.

7) The link would not open for me, but the Wayback Machine has the document archived here.

8) Pages 20-23

The possible threat(s) to national security from Snowden's theft of 1.5 million pages of information from the NSA are grave, particularly if he gave (or sold) them to Russia or China.

Of greatest concern are the potential threats to military operations.
9) This post from March of 2019 suggests that Snowden traded secrets to Russia in exchange for protection.

Having sold what he had, Snowden is now a liability to Putin and will likely be extradited to the U.S. to stand trial for espionage.
12) An Artificial Intelligence program. https://twitter.com/oceanside32408/status/1262470525089185798
14) Q posted a link to a Maria Bartiromo tweet with a video interview of POTUS.

Tweet: https://twitter.com/MariaBartiromo/status/1262065546775932930

15) Due to matters of national Security, The President is not able to discuss what he knows about the Wuhan Virology lab and covid-19.
16) In Kaiserslautern, Germany a Q patriot surprises a police officer with flowers.

H/T @forabetterwor10
17) https://twitter.com/forabetterwor10/status/1262079435882323978
18) @nicolejc9 was Q'd for this video of an airplane flying above a beach pulling a WWG1WGA banner.
19) https://twitter.com/nicolejc9/status/1261770405653753867
20) @PatriotDancing was Q'd for this video. 😎🔥
21) https://twitter.com/PatriotDancing/status/1256678165465821184
22) @QdUpJarhead wrote:

My kiddo's #Qanon art project for the day!! My son Lucas is so into this movement and wants his country back, as do I! We are with you Q! We are Q!!
23) https://twitter.com/QdUpJarhead/status/1259583401243353090
24) @jbarwkc was Q'd for this video.
25) https://twitter.com/jbarwkc/status/1259571158896295936
26) @BrazilQArmy was Q'd for this video.
27) https://twitter.com/BrazilQArmy/status/1259536236378718209
28) @wach_jetzt_auf was Q'd for this video.
29) https://twitter.com/wach_jetzt_auf/status/1259509550853623809
30) @Missc247 was Q'd for this video.
31) https://twitter.com/Missc247/status/1259391365869420546
32) @officialrissad was Q'd for this tweet.
33) https://twitter.com/officialrissad/status/1261019469545177091
34) @VALIANT_TH0R was Q'd for this video.

35) https://twitter.com/VALIANT_TH0R/status/1259315774608429056
36) @QTheWakeUp was Q'd for this video.

37) https://twitter.com/QTheWakeUp/status/1259277844255031296
38) @pixielicious731 was Q'd for this video.
39) https://twitter.com/pixielicious731/status/1251351458739556352
40) @TitoCalloway was Q'd for this video.

41) https://twitter.com/TitoCalloway/status/1259262533938143234
42) @polarbear9702 was Q'd for this video.
43) https://twitter.com/polarbear9702/status/1259265628218757122
44) @doylehall was Q'd for this tweet.
45) https://twitter.com/doylehall/status/1259263283044868097
46) @circumspectus was Q'd for this video.
47) https://twitter.com/circumspectus/status/1259253580156022791
48) @Drewanon17 was Q'd for this tweet.
49) Q replied.

51) From the board.
52) @EYEDROPMEDIA was Q'd for this video.

53) https://twitter.com/EYEDROPMEDIA/status/1262146618419183616
55) Q responded.
57) Politicians control the public narrative on an issue then they're granted access to air time on shows hosted by a compliant media complex.

Control of the media was facilitated by the 1996 Telecommunications Act.
59) The act reduced FCC regulations on cross-ownership, allowing giant corporations to buy up thousands of media outlets across the country, increasing their monopoly on the flow of information in the United States and around the world.
60) "Twenty years later the devastating impact of the legislation is undeniable: About 90 percent of the country’s major media companies are owned by six corporations."
61) @CBS_Herridge is reporting that Attorney General Barr doesn't believe Barack Obama or Joe Biden will be the subject of a criminal investigation "based on the information I have today."

62) Q highlighted the information Barr has today
(I don't believe Barr would divulge such information if he had it.)
FISA is the start.
It will lead to the prosecution of other people for other crimes.
In chess, you don't take your opponent's king immediately.
63) The image Q posted is a reminder that patriots still have a score to settle over the men who died in Benghazi.
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