I've recently been subjected to many fake translation of Vedas and Upanishads which Madarssa teachers, Jamaatis and Christian Missionaries propagate to justify their non-sense so I decided to make a thread debunking all the wrong translation-interpretations of our Vedas

Fake Claim #1

Earth is Fixed. Busted. https://twitter.com/HinduvaSamrat/status/1262461663032246272?s=19
Proof against Fake Claim #1 that Earth is Fixed according to Vedas

While, Vedas mention again and again how Earth is moving. Truth unveiled. https://twitter.com/HinduvaSamrat/status/1262843274261397504?s=19
Fake Claim #2

Earth is Supported by Pillars. Dusted. https://twitter.com/HinduvaSamrat/status/1262851805022691328?s=19
Fake Claim #3

Earth is Supported by Bull

They use, Atharva Veda 4.11.1 translated by Shri Ram Sharma and claim that Earth is supported by Bull

Vedas say that God supports Earth as Bull but idiots say ‘Bull supports the Earth’.

Learn metaphors first as here is the translation:
Fake Claim #4

Sun’s Chariot pulled by Horses. Some reople really need to be taught poetry is not Mushaira but a literary artwork. Anyway, claim got busted and dusted. https://twitter.com/HinduvaSamrat/status/1262855868787367942?s=19
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