Ertugrul, Pakistani content and the rent-seeking economy.
The reason why Pak has a weak economy and always ends up trapped in debt with the IMF is because we import too much and export very little, bankrupting our foreign cash reserves. So now we're importing Turkish dramas too...
Who is to blame? You can't force people to watch bad content. The responses to Pakistani actors and actresses by the public is that your content is rubbish. The viewing figures for Ertugrul also speak for themselves on YouTube.
'not all dramas are crap we have Alif'
We are a county that doesn't manufacture anything of high quality, just look at our cars.  Low innovation and competitiveness. The same applies to the entertainment industry, where quantity is more important than quality.
What can be expected in a country where everyone from media tycoons, agriculturists to traders want government hand outs. Handouts for dramas too?
The elite doesn't usually have the IQ to invest beyond sugar mills or housing societies so hard to expect them to invest in good content production. Media channel owners also lack good business acumen to realise sas bahu crap needs to change.
Our neighbour produces a lot of content (Bollywood) which is consumed globally including by many Pakistanis. India produce a lot while we mostly consume. They produce good businesses too and maybe this chart should shame us.
Further evidence: Consumption as a share of GDP is 95% for Pakistan. Compared to India and Bangladesh who are at 71%. What more evidence do you need of our consumption driven nature rather than to invest and produce?
Still not ashamed enough? Well Australia said you don't produce anything much so what's the point of even having trade talks.
Yes 60 years of poor governance but there is a wider thing at play here. It's the rent-seeking people in our society.
No doubt the elites are rent-seekers with zero innovation/low productivity. But on the opposite end of the low-IQ spectrum, we have our surkhas/libtards who leech off NGOs and add very little productivity to the economy. Maybe our 'woke' need to stop preaching and be productive.
The rent-seekers are in every industry. The Yasir Hussain's who produce rubbish like Jhooti and expect the public to consume it.

The day Pakistanis have a choice other than overpriced low quality cars made by Toyota/Honda in Pakistan, they will no doubt change as well.
The army is also involved in rent-seeking.
Israel, which has a similar defence - gdp ratio to Pak invested in R&D to build new weapons and tech which boosted their defence, other industries and economy.
Pak army invested in real estate. Rent-seeking.
To conclude: the day we have world class content like Ertugrul, is the day our our rent-seeking nature as a society is changed.
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