Any other profs get polar opposite comments on teaching evals? These are some recent ones:

“I love the group work on misconceptions. Really helped me prep for the exam”


“We shouldn’t be forced to talk to each other. It’s no help at all”

@academicchatter #womeninstem

“Prof speaks way too fast”


“You speak too slow. Hurry it up and get to the point”

#Academicchatter @academicchatter #womeninSTEM #highered

“I loved the examples of women in science”


“There was too much focus on female scientists. Just because ‘a woman’ doesn’t mean great science”

(And yes that’s an actual quote...)

#WomeninSTEM #Highered

“I loved it when she brought her baby to lecture that one class”


“The Baby was scary and inappropriate”

Yes actual quote - I still don’t know why baby had a capital B.

#HigherEd @AcademicChatter #WomeninSTEM

Of course lots of these...

“Midterm was way too easy. It artificially increased the average grade.”


“Midterm way too hard, too long, and 100 PERCENT unfair”

#HigherEd @AcademicChatter #WomeninSTEM

“Prof was so warm and welcoming, and I felt comfortable going to office hours.”


“Prof is totally fake and pretends to be friends with everyone.”

@AcademicChatter #HigherEd

and of course lots of comments on my appearance...

“I loved how she wore a dress with a fox when we did fox phylogenetics”


“She needs to dress more appropriately. The fox dress was stupid.”

There are soooo many more examples I could share...


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